How to choose curtains for the bedroom bay window? What kind of curtain is better?

When we decorate the bedroom, we often encounter this problem, that is, how to choose the bedroom bay window curtains, and what kind of curtains are better? Indeed, the choice of bay window curtains is related to the entire bedroom pattern, so choose carefully. Today, the editor will lead you to talk about this issue.

1. How to choose curtains for bay windows in the bedroom

Choose according to the window type Style, in a room, the size and shape of the windows are different, and different styles should be selected, which can sometimes play a role in making up for some window defects. At present, the more popular styles on the market include Roman blinds, sling curtains, portable curtains, lift curtains, etc., as well as metal blinds, wooden and bamboo blinds suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, and black and white non-woven fabrics suitable for bedrooms. Venetian blinds are extremely convenient.

1. Generally speaking, for viewing windows with large areas of glass, you can use window rails equipped with drawstring machinery. The effect of using floor-to-ceiling curtains is good, or you can use several groups of Roman blinds to splicing , the decorative effect is stronger.

2. For bay windows, curtains composed of several separate curtains should be used for large windows. connected as a whole.

3. For small windows, it is better to choose Roman blinds or lifting blinds.

Second, what kind of curtain is better 

1. Natural color cotton texture is popular. The price of fabric curtains is affected by the texture of the fabric. The prices of cotton, linen, silk, and wool are relatively high, but they are also very popular among consumers. At present, the price is not the main factor affecting consumption, on the contrary, the novelty of color design has become the primary factor to attract consumers. And some new designs with group flowers and floral patterns are very popular. However, the fabrics of these textures have a certain shrinkage rate. When buying, “hands should be looser” and the size of the shrinkage is displayed. At present, there is no standard on the shrinkage rate in the country. The standard implemented in Europe is 3% to 5%. Please ask clearly when buying. .

2. Curtains made of man-made fibers and synthetic fibers are better than cotton and linen fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, fade resistance, and wrinkle resistance, and are suitable for rooms with strong sunlight. However, many modern fabrics are made by blending natural fibers with man-made or synthetic fibers, so they have the best of both worlds.

Because the styles of modern bay window curtains are becoming more and more concise, and the hanging is convenient and simple, many families make several sets at the same time and hang them in different seasons. At present, in the field of fabric consumption, more and more attention is paid to brands. These brand fabrics have also become the pioneers of styles and colors. They are in line with international standards and introduce some first-class fabrics into China. They implement door-to-door measurement and design, and their services are more standardized.

I will introduce you how to choose the curtains for the bay window in the bedroom and what kind of curtains are better. In general, the choice of curtains depends on the layout of the bedroom and on its material. If you still don’t understand anything, you can contact us in time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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