How to choose curtains for modern simplicity? What should we pay attention to when choosing curtains?

    Curtains are an indispensable thing in our home life. Now it is not only a shelter in the home, but also an important thing to decorate the living room. The modern minimalist style embodies a life attitude of modern people, and the overall focus is on cleanliness, which is becoming more and more popular. So, do you know how to choose curtains for modern minimalist decoration? What should we pay attention to when choosing curtains?

1. Modern simplicity The choice of decoration curtains

Modern minimalist style curtains are mainly used in modern minimalist style decorated home curtains. When choosing fabrics, modern minimalist style curtains can choose pure cotton, linen, silk and other materials to ensure the natural feeling of the curtains. The choice of curtain color should echo the style and color of other interior decorations, with solid colors as the main ones. This kind of matching can not only reflect the user’s taste and quality, but also match with various modern and minimalist decorations.

   1. The curtains in the living room should generally choose the form of double-layer landing, which will stretch the space visually. And choose a full-wall form, so that after the curtains are opened, the folds on both sides will be richer and more atmospheric.

   2. The modern minimalist style should reflect the characteristics of simplicity and clarity, so when choosing curtains for the living room, you can choose materials such as pure cotton, linen, and silk to ensure the natural feeling of the curtains hanging down .

   3. The color of the curtains can be more jumpy, but you must not choose a pattern with more flowers, so as not to damage the overall feeling, you can consider choosing a striped pattern.

Second, Precautions for Purchasing Curtains

When choosing cloth curtains, stand farther and look at them, and hang them up to see, some dazzling The patterns are discarded, and the fabrics with hazy patterns, flowing lines and light colors are ideal. Even if it is monochrome without flowers, as long as it feels soft and has a strong drape, choose curtains based on the color of the floor and furniture, and the combination of the three should be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

The curtain collocation of the modern minimalist decoration style, the European classical style and the modern minimalist style can be said to be the two major decoration styles of modern homes. Especially young people usually prefer simple decoration style when decorating their houses. For the key point of decoration, home curtains, lace, curtains, tassels, all are removed. For this style, Jianyi chooses more metallic and solid-color fabrics. Or curtains with geometric patterns. You can also choose to mix and match wooden and fabric curtains. This makes it more personal.

   The above is the selection of modern minimalist decoration curtains and the precautions for purchase introduced by the editor. Look stylish and attractive. Hope the above is helpful to you.

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