How to choose curtains for living room and bedroom? How to place the mirror?

  If the windows are the eyes of the living room, then the curtains are the soul of the windows. If a room can be bright because of the windows, a window can also be vivid because of the curtains. Why not choose a curtain that suits your own home, and while arranging a landscape that belongs to your own window, it can also add a good mood to your home. Taking this opportunity today, the editor will introduce to you about how to choose the curtains for the living room and bedroom, and how to place the mirror.

1. How to choose living room and bedroom curtains

  1. Choose When it comes to curtains, try not to choose cumbersome and heavy curtains. This is because too heavy and complicated curtains will not only increase the economic cost, but also encroach on people’s visual and spiritual space. A foreign study shows that people are prone to irritability when they are in contact with single and overly cumbersome items for a long time. From a health point of view, cumbersome curtains include not only window screens and curtains, but also curtains and some decorations, which are easy to gather dust particles and bacteria, and these substances are the culprits that cause respiratory diseases such as asthma and cough. In addition, heavy curtains are inconvenient to clean, so many people give up cleaning or stuff them into the washing machine for mixing. It is recommended that you drop some disinfectant when washing the curtains, and do not directly “restore the original position” after washing, but dry them in the sun.

  2. In the case of being consistent with the overall tone and style of the room, the material of the curtains is also very important. Try not to use chemical fiber or painted curtains. Chemical fiber fabrics will generate static electricity, and static electricity is easy to absorb dust and germs in the air, which is not good for human health. However, curtains made of chemical fiber fabrics have good heat resistance and can be used on balconies; the choice of curtain fabrics in the living room depends on the demand for light in the room. If the light is sufficient, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics. Enough, you should choose thicker wool blended or cotton fabrics as curtains; if the room is not very strict with light requirements, generally choose plain printed cotton or linen fabrics.

  3. Choose curtains according to personal preferences and living habits. For the elderly, they generally sleep lightly, and it is difficult to fall asleep. A ray of light will make them toss and turn, unable to fall asleep. Curtains with heavier colors and better sealing effects are more suitable. For children, curtains with lively colors and good light transmission are good for children’s mental and physical health. It is recommended to use roller blinds. For those with severe sleep disorders, only blackout curtains can provide the total darkness they need. It should be pointed out that blackout curtains are airtight, so when choosing this kind of curtains, you should pay attention to opening windows to keep the room ventilated. As an important part of home decoration, curtains can easily change the color and style of the room, giving the home a new look. It even becomes a work of art to beautify the living room and adjust the mood.

Second, how to place the mirror

  The concave-convex mirror is a special mirror, which is different from the flat mirror. And this kind of mirror is usually called Bagua mirror. The function of the convex mirror is to drive away evil spirits, while the function of the concave mirror is to dispel evil spirits. On the whole, the function of concave-convex mirror is to ward off evil spirits and exorcise ghosts, and maintain the peace and happiness of the family. The characteristic of the full-length mirror is that it can illuminate the whole body, from the feet to the top of the head, it can be illuminated brightly. If this kind of mirror is placed in the corner of the wall, it can block evil spirits and yin qi. However, it cannot be placed directly opposite the door, otherwise it will hinder wealth and disturb the magnetic field.

  Many people must have a makeup mirror in their homes, especially for women, a suitable makeup mirror can bring them a lot of convenience and comfort. But the makeup mirror must not be placed facing the bed, because the mirror is yin, if it faces the bed for a long time, especially at night when the yin is heavy, it will devour the owner’s yang, thus affecting the owner’s mental and physical health .

  This is the end of the introduction about how to choose the curtains for the living room and bedroom and how to place the mirror. The wealth position at home is closely related to the wealth fortune at home. The mirror can reflect the wealth source. Do not put the mirror on the wealth position. Put some lucky mascots on the wealth position, so that it will be more conducive to the wealth fortune at home. For some students, placing a mirror directly opposite the study table will distract them from their studies. They will think more about their own image and less about studying. After a long time, their academic performance will decline.

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