How to choose curtains for bedroom and living room, and how to maintain curtains?

The bedroom is a living space that pays great attention to comfort, and in order to make the bedroom more comfortable, there are better requirements for the decoration of the bedroom. Take the purchase of curtains as an example. Good curtains can show the taste of a home decoration. In addition, you must know that the curtains are already in a more eye-catching position in the room. In a sense, the curtains determine the style of a room and reflect the owner’s taste. Joy of life. If the matching effect of curtains is not good, it will directly affect the overall decoration effect, which also shows from the side that different styles of environments should be matched with different styles of curtains. So, how to choose curtains for bedroom and living room, and how to maintain them?

How to choose curtains for bedroom and living room

1. Design style

There are many types of design styles for curtains. These styles are inextricably linked with the interior design style. Therefore, the choice of curtains needs to conform to the design style. That is to say, all the elements of curtains must first match the style of the interior. At this point, you need to consult your interior designer more to make the curtain design fit the interior design style. Functional requirements From the functional requirements described in the first paragraph, you need to choose the thickness of the curtains on the basis of the design style. In general, there are two methods:

Use a thicker fabric.

A thicker fabric is used, and a tulle curtain is made inside.

As for which solution to adopt, it needs to consider the actual situation. For example, some design styles do not allow the existence of tulle curtains.

2. Cloth

There are many choices of fabrics for curtains. The following are the performance characteristics of the fabrics:

Light, thin, transparent or translucent fabrics , such as cotton, polyester cotton blends, glass yarn, fine mesh, lace and voile, etc.

Medium weight opaque fabrics such as fancy weave cotton, nylon and their blends, and open mesh; slippery fabrics such as polished chintz burnished cotton, antiqued satin, silk, and moiré Wait.

A series of curtains made of polyester flat silk are emerging in the market. The surface of this flat silk is coated with a layer of functional film. Ultraviolet easy-spinnable functional curtains have a new concept of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.

How to maintain the curtains

1. Vacuum at least once a week, especially pay attention to remove the dust between the fabric structure.

2. If the mat is reversible, it should be turned over once a week to distribute the wear evenly.

3. If there are stains, wipe them off with a clean cloth dampened with water. To avoid leaving marks, wipe from the periphery of the stains. Velvet furniture should not be stained with water, and dry cleaning agents should be used.

4. The cloth cover and bushing should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washing, and bleaching is prohibited.

5. If the thread end is found to be loose, it cannot be broken by hand, but should be cut neatly with scissors.

6. It can be washed once in half a day.

7. Hand wash, do not use a washing machine to dry,

8. Depending on the fabric, some fabrics need to be ironed

“How to choose curtains for bedroom and living room , How to maintain the curtains” is enough to introduce. Although the choice of curtains in the bedroom and the living room is different, the above content is quite practical. According to the purchase method of these curtains, the curtains purchased must be in quality and quality. There is no problem with the style, and if you master some curtain maintenance methods, the curtains can be used for a longer period of time.

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