How to choose curtain accessories? What do curtain accessories include?

Curtains are very common in daily life. Every family has different styles of curtains hanging in the house, but have you ever noticed that curtains are not directly hung, they depend on a lot Curtain accessories, so if we want the curtains to be used smoothly, we must choose good curtain accessories. How to choose curtain accessories? What do curtain accessories include? Let’s follow the editor to learn more about it.

How to choose curtain accessories?

1. Talk about the size. We need to measure it by ourselves. Many MMs feel big when they hear the measurement. They find it difficult to handle. The promise of package installation is attractive. They would rather spend a lot of money. In fact, it is not that difficult. The main reason is to adapt to local conditions and consider your actual situation. . Use a ruler to measure the width of the window, and pay attention to adding the width of the window cover. It is best to add 10 centimeters to each side. also.

2. Choose curtain rod or slide rail. Curtain rods are generally metal or wooden rods, which are also very important. Metal ones are generally hollow. If it is a long window, the seller will cut it into two pieces for you, and you can connect them with a special joint in the middle, so that it will not be too difficult to install and carry. There are many rings on the curtain rod, and the two ends are covered with beautiful decorative heads, which is beautiful and generous.

3. Fabric selection is a very important factor. There are many kinds of curtain fabrics, some are graceful and light dance, some are tranquil and pleasant, depending on the style and color matching of your room, at this time, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise see wisdom. Some curtains are matched with gauze curtains and cloth curtains, and some need to be chosen by yourself. Yes, the recommended ones may not be suitable, but also the material, pure cotton, and so on.

What are the curtain accessories?

1. First of all, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that it has a lot of accessories, which bring us convenience. The track is one of the most important accessories, but it can be used to hang curtains to facilitate the opening and closing of the curtains, and we can add curtain accessories with beautiful curtain fabrics. In fact, there are many types of rails, which are divided into two series: bright rails and dark rails, steel pipe poles, iron art poles, plastic steel poles, etc., but the common form is art poles. Japan and other regions.

2. Nowadays, the curtains in many people’s homes are hung by curtain rods, which is helpful for our installation. However, according to the different suspension methods, it can be divided into bright rods and dark rods. So if it is divided according to the material, it can also be divided into metal poles and wooden poles. In fact, metal rods are used in bedrooms with silk or gauze upholstery, so choose curtain rods to match the curtain style.

3. Everyone needs to use the ledge when hanging curtains, which is helpful for our use. But it is used to connect the wall and the curtain rod, which can make the curtain more stable. In addition, it can be used together with curtain rods, but it is used to bear the gravity of curtain cloth, which is simple, elegant and breathtaking, and has been passed down to this day.

When we follow the editor, how to choose curtain accessories? After learning and understanding the knowledge of what curtain accessories include, we know that if we choose curtains, there must be a lot of accessories to match, so that the curtains can be used normally, so we must remember to prepare these accessories when we buy curtains. Hope The introduction of the editor above can help you install the curtains smoothly.

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