How about fish in water curtains? Tips for choosing curtains?

Curtains are an indispensable product for every household, and there are many curtain brands on the market. The quality impresses customers, so how about the curtains like a fish in water? What are the skills of choosing curtains? Let me explain them one by one below.

One, how about the curtains like a fish in water

Yudeshui fabric curtains provide standard branding, outstanding craftsmanship, novel styles and distinctive products, services and store atmosphere. And the brand of Yudeshui has become the most successful curtain brand in the world, so that the marketing network of Yuideshui can spread all over the world, so that consumers all over the world can love Yudeshui.

Ruyudeshui has a lot of curtain fabrics, and at the same time, the brand has a huge share. The concept of Yudeshui curtain fabric industry’s first overall fabric accessories is also strong. It uses the ipgo system to help sales and all-environmental protection exhibits module. Curtain fabric art is like a fish in water Curtain fabric art is good, and the quality is also recognized by the country. You can choose from a variety of styles. When you choose curtains, choose curtain fabric like a fish in water.

Ruyu Deshui curtain fabric style is also varied, there is a simple princess style, as well as high-end British dynasty style, European pastoral style, classical romantic style, such as Yudeshui curtain fabric art and Chinese graceful style, a variety of styles It is up to you to choose, such as fish in water curtain fabric can be said to meet the needs of consumers.

Second, the skills of choosing curtains

1, the more folds are not the better

The sales staff of curtain products usually Recommend twice the width to consumers. According to the sales staff of a curtain store in Uliyate, consumers are now advised to buy curtain fabrics that are twice as wide, mainly because the double-pleated curtains have obvious folds and three-dimensional layers when they are opened, which is more beautiful. Some consumers blindly pursue more wrinkles, but it is actually unnecessary. Some curtains are light and soft, and the amount of folds can be appropriately increased by 2.5 or 3 times; for fabrics with the thickness of ordinary velvet, 2 times of folds is enough.

The width of the curtain cloth is generally 2.8 meters and 1.5 meters, and the fabric with a width of 2.8 meters is generally selected, so that the finished curtain will not have seams. The calculation of curtain cloth is divided into two aspects: width and height. In terms of width, use a window with a width of 1.4 meters to calculate, and add 20-30 cm to the left and right. In terms of height, if the track is installed, measure the height from the roof to the ground directly. If installing a curtain rod, measure from the height where the curtain rod is installed.

2. The number of layers is not as many as possible

Now many sample curtains are double-layered, and there is a layer of gauze curtain inside the ordinary curtain fabric. The sales staff said that the function of gauze curtains is to be beautiful, and the second is to protect privacy. After many curtains are opened, the entire window is exposed. At this time, a thin layer of gauze curtain can be used to protect privacy without losing light.

Not all curtains need two layers. It is best to use double-layer curtains in purely private spaces such as bedrooms; one-layer curtains can be used in the study and living room, and thin curtain cloth or thicker gauze can be used to isolate sunlight and maintain a translucent state with the outside world.

3. Selection of auxiliary materials

A variety of curtain designs with complex shapes contain a large number of curtain accessories and accessories. The accessories that must be used for a curtain include tracks or curtain rods, hooks or curtain rings, and cloth tapes.

Curtain accessories include window cherry, curtain ring or hanging ring, lead wire, hanging strap, tie ball, lace, etc. These accessories and accessories are all decorative, and there are too many accessories. Not only does it increase the overall price of the curtains, but it is also difficult to take care of and troublesome to clean.

Through the above articles, everyone has a certain understanding of the curtains like a fish in water. If you still don’t know which kind of curtains to choose, then you can consider choosing curtains like ducks in water. The quality is good, the price is right, and it will definitely make you love it. So, today’s content will be introduced to you here.

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