How about electric curtains? What is the method of electric curtain installation?

Nowadays, when people buy household items, they are more pursuing convenience, speed, and practicality, so now people have more requirements when choosing household items. The emergence of electric curtains has set off a sales boom in the market. Many people can’t wait to install electric curtains in their homes. Its performance will be much better than traditional curtains, so now many families have begun to install them. So, how about electric curtains? What is the method of electric curtain installation?

How about electric curtains?

1. Beautiful appearance

Compared with the traditional curtains in the past, electric curtains are more beautiful in appearance, and have the advantages of anti-static, non-color and fading. The choice of color is also extensive, such as mahogany grain, titanium gold, pearl white and so on.

Second, long service life

According to Xiaobian’s understanding, the electric curtain adopts fulcrum circular rolling precision transmission technology, which greatly improves the service life and reliability of the product, setting a new record 300,000 trouble-free operation records.

Third, super quiet

The electric curtain adopts an automatic lubrication and quiet design. The motor has the characteristics of super quiet, stable operation, and powerful power. Come to the United States to mute the effect.

4. Simple installation

The installation of electric curtains is relatively simple, and it is also very convenient to use, and this design is simple and “integrated”, and can be installed on curtain boxes and ceilings at will Or mount it on the wall on its side, plug it into AC power and go.

5. Power failure operation

The electric curtain breaks the function of the traditional electric rail that can only be opened and closed electrically, and it can operate normally even in the case of a power failure.

6. Complete functions

Electric curtains have multiple functions such as intelligent electric remote control, manual operation in power failure, group control, etc., which meet people’s various needs and are extremely convenient to use.

What is the method of installing electric curtains?

1. Preparation tools

First purchase the curtain motor and track. Generally, the width of family curtains does not exceed 4 meters. You can choose the opening and closing curtain motor such as Shenzhen Yiside Company Yongli opening and closing curtain motor 2000C, the product is equipped with motor, main and auxiliary pulleys, large and small ends, stoppers, 10m stainless steel wire rope, transformer, infrared remote control. The track uses 22# guide rails, each meter of track contains 8 balls, 2 preparation tools for a single top code, and then prepares a 1.5-meter-high ladder, a medium-sized Phillips screw, an impact drill, 10 8mm plastic expansion bolts and 4*10 30mm screws.

Second, draw the line for positioning and measure the track size

1. The accuracy of the drawn line positioning is the key to installing the curtain track. First, measure the distance between the fixed holes and the size of the required installation track.

2. The size measured by the customer should be the total length of the track.

3. The total length of the track is the sum of the main transmission box (motor), track length and auxiliary transmission box.

4. The curved track can form a curved and curved curtain track according to the radian of the building (note: the radian must not be less than 120°)

Third, hoisting clips

Some people may not understand hoisting What is the clip, the editor will tell you, that is to say, after the clip is rotated to 90°, it is connected with the end of the track, and then the lifting clip is installed on the top of the window with screws, which is to fix the electric curtain to prevent loosening.

Fourth, the motor and the track

This process may be a little troublesome, first rotate the motor 90° into the transmission box. Secondly, when the motor is behind the transmission box, it will continue to rotate 90° clockwise to restore it. Finally, push the insert into the limit position of the transmission box to achieve the purpose of automatic locking. When it is automatically locked, it means that the machine and the transmission box are connected.

How about the above article about electric curtains? What is the method of electric curtain installation? After reading all the contents, you should understand something. Electric curtains are very useful and convenient curtains, only need a remote control to control the curtains well. Electric curtain is a very good product, not only of good quality, but also very simple to use, so it can be seen in most household life now.

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