How about curtains? What should I pay attention to when choosing curtains?

Curtains can not only decorate the house, but also protect the privacy of the occupants, so whether it is an office or a bedroom at home, you can see the existence of curtains. How about curtains? Although there are many good-quality curtains, if you want to get a good decoration effect, you must pay more attention when choosing curtains. What should I pay attention to when choosing curtains? Which brands of curtains are good? There will be a brief introduction in the article, take a look!

How about curtains?

1. Protect privacy

For a family, no one likes their every move in the eyes of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas have different standards for privacy concerns. The public activity area of family members such as the living room has lower requirements for privacy. The living rooms of most families open the curtains during the day, so they are mostly in a decorative state.

As for bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas, people not only require that they cannot be seen from the outside, but also that they cannot even see the shadow. This presents the problem of choosing different curtains for different areas. We may choose translucent fabrics in the living room, while thicker fabrics are used in the bedroom.

2. Using light

In fact, to protect privacy, it still works by blocking light. The use of light mentioned here refers to the effective use of light while protecting privacy. For example, in the living room on the first and second floors, people don’t like to let people walking around outside see every move in the room, but pulling thick curtains for a long time will affect the natural lighting, so light and thin curtains similar to gauze curtains are suitable. It came into being.

3. Decorate the wall

For many ordinary families, curtains are wall decorations. Especially for some “four white floor” simple decoration families, except for a few picture frames, curtains may be left on the wall. Therefore, the color and style of curtains often play a decisive role. Similarly, for a home with hardcover, appropriate curtains will make the home more beautiful and more individual.

4. Sound absorption and noise reduction

We know that from the perspective of sound transmission, treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the reflectivity of window glass for treble is also very strong. Therefore, curtains of appropriate thickness can improve the sound effect in the room; similarly, thick curtains are also conducive to absorbing part of the noise from the outside and improving the indoor sound environment.

What should we pay attention to when choosing curtains?

1. The color system should be coordinated with the home decoration style.

When purchasing curtains, you must first determine the color system, which requires consideration of the coordination and unity of the home decoration style. If it is a modern and simple home decoration style, the color system of the curtains has a relatively large choice. And if it is a European or Chinese style home decoration style, since the color system of the hard decoration part is more prominent, the color system of the curtains should be coordinated with the hard decoration part, and should not be unconventional.

2. The texture should take into account the function of the room.

The texture of the curtain is also one of the factors to consider when choosing. It should not only be beautiful and elegant, but also have practical functions such as sound insulation and sunshade. If the living room has the function of a home theater, the selection of curtains in the living room should consider having better sound insulation functions, such as double-sided velvet cinema curtains.

3. Combination of styles and areas of use.

There are also many types of curtains, so you need to choose different curtain styles for different use spaces. For example, the curtains of the balcony take into account the requirements of cleaning and light, wooden blinds are a good choice. On a sunny day, as long as the blinds are pulled up, the warm sun can fully shine in; on a dusty balcony, when cleaning, as long as the dust on the blinds is sucked, it will be restored as new.

4. Consider highlighting its decorative function.

As a part of soft decoration, curtains have a very good decorative function. Therefore, when purchasing curtains, on the basis of comprehensive consideration of color system, style and texture, its decorative function should also be considered. In the bedroom where the hard decoration is completed, the atmosphere after installing the curtains is completely different. This is where the decorative function of the curtains comes into play.

5. Choose curtains according to the frequency of use.

Frequency of use is also a factor to consider when choosing curtains. In places such as public corridors with high frequency of use, bamboo curtains and other styles and textures that are dirt-resistant, durable and easy to clean can be considered.

6. Special style curtain selection.

Modern curtain styles are becoming more and more diverse, and various special styles of curtains emerge in endlessly. Such as double-sided printing curtains, painting curtains and so on. These painterly curtains are ideal if you want to decorate the wallscape while protecting the wall from dust buildup over a projection wall in your home theater.

What should I pay attention to when choosing curtains? When choosing curtains, pay attention to matching the overall decoration effect of the house, but many people have no experience in this, so when people buy curtains, they can consult the staff, follow their advice, and choose the curtains they like. How about curtains? There is no fixed answer to this question. After all, everyone has different aesthetics and different requirements for curtains, so the answer is also different.

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