How about blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains?

Curtains are an indispensable thing in our life, and it is also an important link in the process of our home decoration. There are many, many people like to choose blackout curtains when choosing, so, how about blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains? In this article, we will make a detailed introduction to these issues.

 How about blackout curtains?

  1. How about the shading effect of blackout curtains?

  Curtains were originally designed to keep out the wind and sun, so as to create a relatively comfortable and safe residence. If someone in the family does not sleep well, it will be easily affected by sound and bright light. Before buying blackout curtains, first understand how well they are blackout.

 Now there is a cotton and linen blackout curtain on the market, which is based on traditional curtains and thickened fabrics. The product is thicker and can achieve basic control of light. If you are hesitant between blackout curtains and blackout cloth because of the problem of blackout effect, it is recommended to choose blackout curtains. Blackout cloth can only play a basic role in shading, but the air permeability is much worse than that of blackout curtains.

 Second, how about the sound insulation effect of blackout curtains

 I believe that many people have experienced the feeling of being disturbed by noise. 10% of the external noise is transmitted from the window. If you choose a good quality curtain, you can reduce the external noise by 10%-20%. Among the curtains of various materials, the sound absorption effect of the fabric curtain is the best, and the thick Blackout curtains are the best.

 Third, how about the texture of blackout curtains

 One disadvantage of linen is that it feels rough, so cotton and linen blended curtains Inherit the softness of cotton fabric. On the other hand, many people worry that the blackout curtains will wrinkle badly. This mainly depends on the content of cotton and linen and the processing technology. Cotton fiber itself has relatively strong wrinkle resistance. In terms of processing technology ,If the cotton and linen fabrics are washed during the production process, the curtains can become soft and drapey.

 How to choose blackout curtains?

1. Blackout curtains are mainly used to block the sun. Generally speaking, if the requirements are not high, thicker curtains can solve the problem of shading. Of course, if you have high requirements for shading, you can choose Special blackout curtains. Blackout curtains generally add a layer of black adhesive behind the curtain fabric to absorb ultraviolet rays and block light, and have the effect of shading.

Second, if you find The fabric emits a pungent odor, and there may be formaldehyde residues; it is advisable to choose light colors as far as possible in the selection of curtain fabrics, because the risk of excessive formaldehyde in light-colored fabric dyes and additives is less. After buying the curtains home, It is best to soak and wash with clean water before use, which can effectively reduce formaldehyde residues.

Third, blackout curtains are generally divided into brands and fabrics. Full blackout, half shade, blackout white, blackout silver, etc. The quality of the fabric is different, and the price varies a lot. Relatively speaking, the fabric of the full blackout curtain and the fabric of the blackout white roller blind are better.

 Curtains play an important role in our lives. People provide a closed space to effectively protect people’s privacy. In addition, it can also play a decorative role for the house. Many people like to choose blackout curtains when they choose curtains. This question arises: what about blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains? I hope that through the introduction of this article, everyone can have a deeper understanding of it.

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