Gray curtains with curtain material characteristics

In the eyes of most people, everyone likes different colors, some people think gray is pretty good, so when choosing curtains, they will buy this kind of color , Then, we have to look at some knowledge about the matching of gray curtains, because if you buy this color, you must match it with the living room furniture at home, so that the overall effect will look good, and what are the characteristics of the curtain material.

Coordination of gray curtains

It depends on what place you want to decorate and what you want What style is it decorated in? In terms of color matching, gray has no color tendency and is a neutral color, which will not conflict with any color matching. But if the color of the curtains is too bright, it will highlight the curtain itself too much. At this time, the color style of the curtains will affect the decoration style of the whole room. In addition to color, pattern and texture are also very important. The color of your curtain pattern can be selected according to the pattern style of the wallpaper.

Creamy white, dark red, purple gray, blue… All kinds of colors are fine, and those with obvious patterns or decorations can also be considered. The key depends on your own aesthetics and preferences. It is necessary to consider the visual comfort of long-term living, and do not bring too much burden to the vision. You can take pictures of the room to choose curtains, or make a simple rendering to see the effect.

Curtain material characteristics

1, cotton linen curtains.

The curtain has good moisture absorption and air permeability, and is soft to the touch. As a curtain fabric, it also has a certain effect of absorbing dust in the air; it lacks elasticity and is not crisp, and it is easy to wrinkle after washing.

2, plastic aluminum blinds.

The blinds have good shading effect and strong ventilation, but the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not as good as that of cloth gauze curtains. Therefore, the shutters are more suitable to be installed in the kitchen of the home, and the oil stains can be washed off with water.

3, velvet curtains.

Environmentally friendly and healthy, novel and fashionable, easy to clean. The chemical reaction between the dye and the fiber can penetrate deep into the fiber, soft to the touch, good drape, deep coloring on the reverse side of the fabric, and strong color fastness.

4, wooden curtain.

Wooden weaving curtains can create a feeling of returning to nature, which can be divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving and rattan weaving. The wooden woven curtain can show the style and taste in the home. It is basically opaque but has good air permeability. It is suitable for the pure natural style of the home.

From the introduction of the above article, I mainly looked at some knowledge about the matching of gray curtains. Before buying, we must look at what occasions it will be used on. You only need to master the knowledge given in the article Well, you can choose a suitable piece of furniture and style in a short time, so that you won’t waste a lot of time, and you also know what the characteristics of the curtain material are.

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