Easy and simple. How to take care of your silver jewelry (for regular use)

How much do you know about the “items” you use daily, or the “items” you want? If it is a favorite “item”, it must be used for a long time, so I want to know more about its materials.

This time, we will explain the characteristics of the “silver” material and pay attention to it when wearing it—matters and maintenance methods.

In addition to those who love to use silver jewelry, some people want to buy works, but they cannot start because they feel that silver jewelry is difficult to maintain; this article will give You are full of knowledge.

Before explaining the specific maintenance methods, let’s discuss the material “silver” first.

What kind of metal is silver?

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When it comes to jewelry, there are various metals such as gold, platinum, brass, and stainless steel. What are the differences between silver and other metals?

First, it is not only about silver but also about making jewelry to wear on the body. It is very important that precious metal materials. Precious metal materials can be used for a long time, and most of them are not easy to cause allergies.

For example, comparing gold and silver, silver is a very light material. Although it varies depending on purity, silver weighs about half as much as gold. Like this silver ring, if there is a sense of weight, the gold jewelry will be too heavy. If you want a sense of lightness that can be worn simultaneously, and you have to make a shape with weight and a sense of presence, then silver will be the best and most beautiful material.

▲A weighty ring design that utilizes the material properties of silver

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– How does silver work for creators?

“Silver is a very soft material, so it’s ideal for heavy engraving. Compared with other silver-based materials such as platinum, the white is the brightest. It can also be processed and blackened like this to express various styles.”

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▲ Also woven with silver thread The finished silver earrings, blackened and white, show a completely different style

About the purity of silver (sterling silver, SV950, SV925, etc.)

-In addition to the processing differences that are obvious at a glance, silver also has various purities. From sterling silver to 950 silver, 925 silver, etc., will it differ according to the nature of purity?

925 is most often used in works, but the design concept and nature still use materials of different purity.

Among the silvers, sterling silver is the softest, so if you use sterling silver to make something as slender as the earrings, you can bend it with your fingers, which will be very difficult to wear daily. 925 is the most widely used jewelry because of its strength, ease of use in daily life, and beauty of silver material.

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And this earring work Braided with a single piece of silver thread that doesn’t bend nicely if it’s not soft enough. So a higher purity 950 is used than 925.

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This weighty ring is Made by casting method, 925 flows easily during casting and can be finished beautifully. So choose 925 material.

Silver can take care of itself

Silver will chemically react with hydrogen sulfide in the air and turn black, changing color as long as it comes in contact with air.

I often hear that the silver ornaments on the shelf turn black after a while, and I feel that it is rusted and thrown them away. But in fact, the black spots of silver differ from rust and corrosion; at most, it is only the surface part that is in contact with the air. Therefore, I hope to inform more people that even if silver jewelry becomes black, it can be easily maintained.

After maintenance, it will show a different style and change from the new product. The beautiful process of gradually becoming one’s items is also the charm of precious metals. Silver is the most approachable among precious metals, so if it is adequately maintained daily, it can be used for a long time.

About the maintenance of silver jewelry in daily use

I usually use the suede cloth here after wearing it. No special maintenance, just to remove sweat, sebum dirt, etc., no abrasives, just dry wipe.

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▲If you don’t have suede cloth, you can also use tissue paper instead.

Suede cloth, whether it is a mirror, blackened, or with natural stone, All silver jewelry can be used, and of course, jewelry made of other materials is also acceptable.

In general, the suede cloth is soft leather tanned from deerskin, but because it is a natural material, it may have spots, if you mind, you can also choose Chemical fiber fleece. If there is no suede cloth, it is better to use a soft cloth, tissue paper, etc.

-Especially the accessories used daily, many people will wear them all the time without taking them down. Wouldn’t it be better to take it off from time to time for maintenance?

Many people always wear rings, and if they are not particularly dirty or bothered by black spots, there is no problem. It is even less likely to change color when worn all the time.

You will want to wipe it if it gets wet or dirty. Then you will start dry wiping, etc. Simple maintenance will keep you in a more beautiful state than if you put it away. If the precious metal gets wet, it doesn’t matter; just wipe it dry.

-Is there anything else I need to pay attention to daily use?

Silver turns black because it reacts chemically with hydrogen sulfide in the air, so it’s best not to wear silver necklaces and other silver jewelry to the hot springs. Wait for the place where there is a lot of hydrogen sulfide in the air.

About the storage method of silver jewelry

-Although it is said that it is not easy to change color when wearing it all the time if you want to take it down for storage, what should you pay attention to?

Because the concept of us is to be able to wear it quickly in daily life, it is more desirable for users to store it instead of storing it. Take it out and put it on display. If it is discolored, it is good to maintain it. Of course, if you mind that the silver jewelry is discolored due to contact with the air, you can put the jewelry in a sealed bag to slow down the speed of discoloration.

In addition, the metal must be softer than expected and scratched to a certain extent, so it is best to store it in a separate jewelry box and not rub against other jewelry.

I would feel that it would be a pity to put it away and not wear it, so I hope users can keep it in a convenient way to take out and use at any time.

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