Don’t hang this kind of curtains, rich people can understand it at a glance, it is a metaphor for bad luck!

When decorating a house, everyone must be very concerned about the bedroom, because the bedroom is a place for people to rest, and there must be a good environment, so that people can feel at ease rest. In order to have a better rest, people usually install curtains on the windows of their bedrooms, so that they will not feel glare when sleeping during the day, and they can fall asleep well at night. There are so many colors and styles of curtains on the market now, so many people are confused when they are not careful when choosing curtains.

1. The color of the curtains is very particular

The curtains can protect us Privacy, but there are also requirements on the choice, there are some colors that must not be hung at home. Once the color of the curtains is chosen wrong, this kind of curtains placed in the home for a long time will affect the wealth of the whole family. The window is a channel for the circulation of wealth in the home, so we must ensure the stability of the surrounding magnetic field, and some curtains are not It is suitable for hanging in the bedroom. Some curtains make people feel depressed, and hanging in the bedroom will make people feel heavy. When choosing curtains, first of all, you can’t choose curtains with particularly dark colors. Of course, don’t choose heavy curtains.

When choosing curtains for the living room, you can choose curtains with a common color and thinner ones. The current curtains have two layers, so they can not only block light but also light, so when choosing , there is no need to choose particularly heavy curtains, and heavy curtains are also very troublesome to clean.

The main reason for choosing curtains in the living room is to relax our mood. Black makes our mood too depressing, so the effect will be counterproductive. You must never choose pink curtains in your home, because the meaning of pink curtains is particularly bad, representing peach blossoms, especially for families where husband and wife live, you must never choose pink curtains, because a third party will appear.

Even if you are single, try not to choose pink curtains. In fact, the choice of curtains is just a small detail when we decorate the house, but many people do not pay attention to such a small detail, so it will have an impact on the home. Of course, some people do not believe it, but these things are still To find out. Some rich people never make this kind of mistake when choosing curtains, and these curtains with more extreme colors will get tired after a long time.

The bedroom is where we rest. When choosing the color of the curtains, don’t choose too deep or too bright colors For example, black is too deep, while red is too bright. These colors will invisibly increase the burden on people, which is not conducive to relaxing sleep, and it is even more difficult to talk about rest. Moreover, black curtains are easy to attract evil spirits, which will bring bad luck to the family. Constantly, the more you live, the poorer you are. Don’t choose this color for the sake of appearance. People who have used it say they regret it.

The bedroom is also dominated by light colors, such as brown or light blue are good choices, light-colored curtains can relieve our visual fatigue, if you like pink, you can also use pink, But it is only suitable for single friends, because it has the effect of attracting love, that is to say, single friends will find their other half through it, but if you are a couple, then don’t use it, because it will cause problems in the couple’s relationship.

2. Curtains with strange and alternative patterns

Do not have beasts or weird patterns on the curtains. This should be paid attention to, especially If there are children at home, put these curtains with cartoon patterns among the children. If the cartoon patterns are not selected properly, it will lead to disharmony in the family, and even the health of family members will be threatened to a certain extent. This is still very important. Important, everyone must remember well. In addition, living in such an environment for a long time will easily lead to psychological distortion. The God of Wealth will not be willing to visit your home when he sees this scene.

3. Curtains that are too heavy

Many curtains are double For better shading, many people choose heavy curtains. But this kind of curtain is not only troublesome to clean and clean at ordinary times, but also brings a sense of depression to people hanging at home. The psychological pressure is too heavy, and the pressure cannot be released, so work and study will be seriously affected. Home is a place for us to relax and release ourselves, so it is enough to choose light and light blackout curtains.

4. The curtains are not harmonious with the room as a whole

The curtains are harmonious as a whole. Install different curtains. If you want to install curtains, the color and pattern of each room must be the same. If one room is white and the other is pink, the aura of the home will be easily destroyed, and It doesn’t look good, and the height of the curtains should be the same. If there is one high and one low, it will make the wealth flow out.

If the curtains in the living room are in a simple European style, then the bedroom should not use a small and fresh style, it will look like two worlds Similarly, the wealth will also run wild, and if it is accidentally lost, the family will live poorer and poorer. Unless you have a strong sense of design and can completely integrate their styles, it is better not to change it lightly.

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