Does the balcony need curtains? How to choose the right balcony curtains?

When buying a house now, there will always be a bedroom or living room with a balcony. When people are decorating this house, they always ignore the decoration of the balcony. In order to better ensure For privacy, we will install curtains on the windows of the bedroom, as long as the outside cannot be seen, and some people always need to install curtains because of the balcony. So the following will introduce to you whether you need to install curtains on the balcony? How to choose the right balcony curtains?

&nbsp ;Do you need to install curtains on the balcony?

 First, look at the setting of the balcony

 Some families seal the balcony and change it into a laundry room, study room, In the entertainment room, or just made a locker to put things, it is recommended that you must install curtains, which can not only create a warm atmosphere, but more importantly, it can protect the furniture and appliances on the balcony from excessive sunlight and prolong the service life. If the balcony is not closed or is a small semi-open garden, there is no need to install it.

 Second, look at the location of the balcony

 1. Generally speaking, the balcony will be connected to the bedroom or the living room. It is connected to the bedroom, and there is a door between the bedroom and the balcony. Generally, people will install curtains in the bedroom. On the one hand, it is for the decoration of the room, and on the other hand, it is also for privacy protection. Curtains are essential.

 2. Some people think that there is no need to install curtains if the balcony is connected to the living room. Mr. Gu feels that it is also necessary. The main considerations are two points. Now that the distance between buildings is relatively small, people still have a lot of activities in public spaces such as the living room. Installing curtains can effectively protect privacy. Second, in summer, curtains can reduce the heat and light outside, and likewise, they can keep warm in winter.

 How to choose the right balcony curtains?

 Generally speaking, it is suitable to choose various red or orange shades in the south, southwest or northeast Balcony curtains in different colors can be angular, square, or triangular in shape, but be careful not to have sharp corners that can hurt people. In the south and east, you can choose to use green or brown balcony curtains, and try to make the curtains as long as possible, which is good for household water. The balcony curtains in the west or northwest should choose white or gray, which is soft and warm, and can block evil spirits.

 The pattern of balcony curtains should be coordinated with the size of the window, the age experience of the occupants, the interior decoration, and the style of furniture. If the balcony windows are short, try not to choose balcony curtains with horizontal patterns or small floral patterns, but vertical patterns. Do not choose large pattern curtains for small windows, otherwise the windows will appear narrow. The pattern of the balcony curtains should be straight and not inclined, otherwise it will cause the illusion that the window is inclined.

 Through the above introduction about the need to install curtains on the balcony? How to choose the appropriate balcony curtains? There are also many requirements for the choice of balcony curtains. People must learn to identify and select, so that they can buy curtains with better quality and strong decorative effect.

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