Do you need to add a curtain head to the balcony curtain? Precautions for balcony curtain installation?

  If there is a big window on the balcony, it will allow people to see the perfect scenery comfortably. Curtains are indispensable for big windows, but many people need to add curtains to the balcony Is the curtain head? I don’t know this question very well. The following will introduce the relevant knowledge to you, and at the same time, let’s learn about the precautions for the installation of balcony curtains.

 Do you need to add curtains to the balcony curtains?

 In the detailed design of curtains (decoration renderings), the leading position of the curtain head cannot be shaken. Its shape directly determines the style of curtains, whether it is complicated or gorgeous, or simple (decoration renderings) rational, or sensual and romantic, or intellectual and elegant. The design of lace and drawstring will be affected by it, and the matching effect will be pursued. Therefore, if you want to have a satisfactory curtain, choosing the style of the curtain head is one of the most important tasks.

1. Scattered curtain head pleats The curtain head is cut with a staggered pleat design , The radian of the lines is clear and smooth. The fresh and romantic small florals on the curtain and the unique design of the curtain head are suitable for creating a pastoral home space.

2. Natural and casual curtain head curtain head, this curtain head style seems casual but Solemn and elegant, the beige tone can make the whole space environment look warm and peaceful. It is not only a good choice for you who pursue individual life, but also a choice not to be missed by those who like a warm environment!

 3. Natural Drooping curtain head with multiple folds, this head design is suitable for the combination of multiple windows, the curtain head with multiple folds hangs down naturally, feeling elegant, this kind of curtain head is suitable for choosing fabrics with a sense of drape.

 4. Parallel pleated curtain head, the curtain head adopts a simple rectangular shape, and multiple folds appear in the form of parallel lines, which balances the slender shape of the window. The parquet effect is complete, making the curtain head more appreciative.

 Precautions for balcony curtain installation?

 1. Positioning: The accuracy of the line drawing position is related to the success or failure of the curtain installation, first measure It is best to fix the hole pitch and the size of the required installation track.

 2. Install curtain rails: Curtain rails can be divided into single, double or triple tracks. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, and the simmering and bending at the disconnection should be staggered, and the simmering and bending should be gentle, and the lap length should not be less than 200mm. Ming curtain box generally installs the track first. Machine screws should be added to heavy curtain rails; dark curtain boxes should be equipped with rails. The small corners of the heavy curtain track should be densely spaced, and the specification of wood screws should not be less than 30mm.

Install the hoisting clip, rotate the clip 90 degrees to connect with the track, and install the hoisting clip on the top plate with self-tapping screws. If it is a concrete structure, you need to add expansion screws;

 3. Install the curtain rod:

 (1) Correct the connection and fixing parts, install the rod or iron wire, Pull on the mount. Make it flat and exactly the same as the elevation of the room.

 (2) To install standard curtain track (double track), the base width should generally be above 15CM, and the single track can be reduced according to appropriate circumstances.

 4. Adjust the position: for floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains hanging over the countertop, the width of the window sill should be allowed out when installing the track, so as to avoid being blocked when the curtains droop and appear unsightly.

 Is it necessary to add a curtain head to the balcony curtain? The answer to this question is not certain, and it also depends on personal preference. Some friends just like simple curtains, so there is no need to add curtain heads. As long as you feel that the overall effect looks good, and the house decoration style is also very comfortable, there is no fixed pattern.

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