Do you need curtains on the balcony? How to maintain the balcony curtains?

Installing curtains on the balcony is something that many friends often do. Some people think it’s unbelievable. The balcony is used to dry clothes. I don’t know how good it is to have a little sunshine. Why do we need to install curtains to prevent sunlight from entering What about? So do we need to install curtains on the balcony, and how to maintain the balcony curtains? Let’s take a look at the specific content.

Do you want curtains on the balcony:

1 , In fact, the main focus of whether to install curtains on the balcony is whether the balcony is connected to other spatial areas, such as the balcony and the living room, the balcony and the bedroom, and whether there is a partition between the two, such as a sliding door.

2. If there are sliding doors and other partitions in between, then there is no need to install curtains on the balcony. Just install the curtains indoors (beside the sliding door); save the light from the balcony , and some friends will draw the curtains for privacy, even in the daytime, in this case, if it is installed on the balcony, it will prevent the clothes hanging on the balcony from drying, which is very inconvenient.

3. Of course, if there is no partition between the balcony and other areas, then you must install curtains on the balcony, otherwise you will feel too insecure at home. After all, there are quite a lot of voyeurs now.

4. But if you like to install curtains between the balcony and the sliding door, it’s okay. At this time, install blackout curtains on the balcony to maintain privacy; install gauze curtains indoors to add a romantic atmosphere At the same time, it can also cover the glare of the sun during the day, so that the drying problem will be affected if the curtains on the balcony are not drawn during the day.

5. Now that you know the installation problem of curtains, let’s briefly talk about what kind of curtains are suitable for installation. For this, I think it is safer to choose double-layer curtains. The curtain can also adjust the atmosphere; the material of the curtain is preferably fabric, and it will be much more convenient to clean, and there are not so many requirements.

How to maintain the balcony curtains:

1. Vacuum at least once a week, especially pay attention to remove the dust between the fabric structure.

2. If the mat is reversible, it should be turned over once a week to distribute the wear evenly.

3. If there are stains, wipe them off with a clean cloth dampened with water. In order to avoid leaving marks, it is best to wipe from the periphery of the stains. Velvet furniture should not be stained with water, and dry cleaning agents should be used.

4. Cloth covers and bushings should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washed, and bleaching is prohibited.

5. If the thread end is found to be loose, it cannot be broken by hand, but should be cut neatly with scissors.

6. It can be washed once in half a day.

7. It is better to wash by hand, not to dry with a washing machine.

8. Depending on the fabric, some fabrics need to be ironed.

About the need to install curtains on the balcony and how to maintain the balcony curtains, the editor has sorted out here for everyone today. However, I still want to remind everyone that whether to install curtains on the balcony or not depends on the situation of your own home, because if you want to install curtains on the balcony, you still have to consider the condition of your balcony, so that you can implement the installation of curtains.

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