Do the bay window curtains only look good on the inside or do they all look good? You can’t imagine doing this

Nowadays, many houses are designed with large bay windows, which are not only beautiful, but also can increase the indoor space. Families with many choices of large bay window curtains do not know how to choose. Some are only made inside the bay window, while others are made outside. So the bay window curtains are only good-looking on the inside or are they all good-looking? Let’s find out in detail.

Do the bay window curtains only look good on the inside or do they all look good?

Type: Make it inside the bay window. This kind of family is suitable for families with small bedrooms but large bay windows. The bedroom is spacious when installed in the bay window; the inside is top-mounted, does not take up space, and is beautiful! If your bay window is small, I suggest not to do this. I feel that the bay window is too crowded;

The second type: make gauze curtains inside the bay window and curtains outside. This is suitable for families with a large enough bedroom. If the bedroom has a large space, install it outside to make it more atmospheric; this method is the most common, and it is atmospheric and beautiful!

The third type: no bay windows, all Put it on the outside. This kind of window is treated as if there is no bay window, but it feels like sitting on the bay window, and there is no sense of privacy when relaxing? And many people’s bay windows are covered with panels or non-sun-resistant materials. , There may be some problems after long-term exposure to the sun;

The fourth type: both inside and outside. If you don’t want to save money, make one inside and one outside. This kind of shading is very good; but I personally feel that it is a bit complicated. What do you think? It affects the light a bit.

How to make bay window curtains?

1. Generally speaking, the curtains of bay windows are made inside the bay window, and the cloth curtains are made outside the bay window. place. The bay window curtains are wrapped around the window glass in the bay window. There are U-shaped and L-shaped curtains, and the height is the same as the height of the bay window. The curtains in the bedroom are generally made to go through the wall and fall to the floor. If there are radiators, they can also be made the size of the window frame, and they can be extended by about 30 centimeters twice. In addition, there are fabric curtains and matching gauze curtains directly in the bay window, which not only saves fabrics, but also makes the bedroom look large and not cumbersome.

2. The effect of custom-made curtain fabrics is better. There is one job that is absolutely indispensable in home decoration, and that is to buy curtain fabrics. A senior designer believes that soft decoration such as curtains and fabrics can truly reflect the characteristics and artistic taste. Especially curtains, fabric sofas, and bedding, they are far more decorative than practical, so when choosing fabrics, fashion and beauty should be the standard.

3. Custom matching is the safest. After the room is decorated, custom-made curtains and other fabrics become another important task. As an ordinary consumer, at this time, I will buy by myself, and it is inevitable that I will not make up my mind if I read too much. The designer believes that customized matching is the safest. For example, after selecting the curtains in the living room, you can choose the same color fabric to make a sofa or cushion, or you can remake the old sofa, so that the coordination of the living room will be improved. It is easier to grasp. Similarly, this method is also very suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms. Bedding, curtains, and cushions are all unified in one color system or pattern, seeking changes in a stable way, harmonious and vivid.

4. Choose the style according to the window type. In a room, the size and shape of the windows are different, and different styles should be selected, which can sometimes play a role in making up for some window defects. At present, the more popular styles on the market include Roman blinds, sling curtains, portable curtains, lifting curtains, etc., as well as metal shutters, wooden and bamboo shutters suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, and black, white and daytime blinds suitable for bedrooms. Woven Venetian blinds are extremely convenient. Generally speaking, viewing windows with a large area of glass can use window rails equipped with drawstring machinery. The effect of using floor-to-ceiling curtains is good, or several groups of Roman blinds can be spliced together for a stronger decorative effect. For bay windows, large windows should use curtains composed of several separate curtains. Each curtain can be tied separately, and continuous soft curtain tracks are used to connect the curtains as a whole. The windows are small, it is better to choose Roman blinds or lifting blinds. Due to humidity and oily fumes in kitchens and bathrooms, it is more appropriate to use shutters. In addition, wooden or bamboo shutters are more suitable for leisure and tea rooms, and curtains made of light-resistant and not easy to fade materials should be used for balconies.

5. Natural color cotton texture is popular. The price of fabric curtains is affected by the texture of the fabric. The prices of cotton, linen, silk, and wool are relatively high, but they are also popular among consumers. At present, the price is not the main factor affecting consumption, on the contrary, the novelty of color design has become the primary factor to attract consumers. And some new styles are designed with group flowers and floral patterns. However, the fabrics of these textures have a certain shrinkage rate. When purchasing, “hands should be looser” and the size of the shrinkage is displayed. At present, there is no standard on the shrinkage rate in the country. The standard implemented in Europe is 3% to 5%. Ask when purchasing. clear. Curtains made of man-made fibers and synthetic fibers are better than cotton and linen fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, fading resistance, and wrinkle resistance, and are suitable for rooms with strong sunlight. However, many modern fabrics combine the best of both worlds by blending natural fibers with man-made or synthetic fibers.

If you decorate the curtains at home, you can choose the appropriate curtains according to the interior decoration style and decoration color, and pay attention to the coordination and beauty of the curtain colors. The above is the relevant introduction about whether the bay window curtains are only good-looking on the inside or they are all good-looking. When decorating bay windows, you can simply understand and make your own bay windows look better.

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