Do curtains have formaldehyde? How should curtains be chosen?

Curtains are indispensable when decorating a house. Curtains not only play a role in shading the sun, but also can improve the beauty of the real home, so now people choose curtains It is very important. However, there is a lot of formaldehyde in decoration now, and it is also relatively harmful to human health. Some people will ask if there is formaldehyde in curtains when buying curtains? In fact, it’s hard to say. Some curtains contain formaldehyde, so you need to choose carefully when purchasing. So, how should curtains be chosen?

Does the curtain contain formaldehyde?

The curtain contains formaldehyde, because cotton, linen Curtains made of other materials are easy to wrinkle and shrink after washing, so many businesses will add adhesives to the curtains, which can keep the curtains flat and will not shrink after washing. However, when the adhesive is exposed to sunlight, it will release formaldehyde, which will pollute the indoor environment and affect the health of the occupants.

How to choose curtains

1. In line with the interior design style

The decorative area of the curtains is very large. Don’t underestimate the decorative effect. The matching must match the characteristics of the interior design style. The integrity of the space must be considered, so as to make the overall space more harmonious and unified.

Second, choose different functional areas

There are many types of curtains, and different styles use different functional areas. One layer of cotton sound-absorbing curtains; the bathroom environment is humid and cold, so you should choose a style that is moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, practical, and dirt-resistant. Most families will choose plastic venetian blinds.

Third, the color matching is simple and exquisite

The color matching of the curtains should not be too fancy and bright. After all, the curtains mainly have a decorative effect and should not be too eye-catching. The curtains should be coordinated with the color tone of the wall, furniture, and the ground. If the furniture is dark in color, it is necessary to choose lighter-colored curtains. If the color is too dark, it will give people a sense of depression.

Fourth, the pattern style is very important

The curtain pattern style can also create a good atmosphere for the interior. The curtains with simple and small floral patterns can better create a fresh pastoral style, giving People are quiet, relaxed, and return to basics. If it is a living room with modern walls and clean walls, you can use solid-color geometric patterns to increase the sense of space.

5. The size of the style has a great influence

Pay attention to the size of the curtains. Generally, the two sides are about 10cm wider than the windows. The bottom should depend on the style of the curtains. Short curtains should be about 20cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill. Floor-to-ceiling windows should generally be 2 to 3cm away from the ground. At the same time, small-sized apartment curtains can be set with long curtains, so as to visually stretch the length of the space.

Does the curtain have formaldehyde? Curtains contain formaldehyde, because curtains are made of cotton, linen and other materials, they must contain formaldehyde. However, regular quality guaranteed curtains will not have any impact on human health. How should curtains be chosen? There are many styles and materials of curtains. We need to choose them according to the usage and quality, so that we can buy suitable curtains.

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