Curtains that can be simple or stunning! Selection skills of fabric curtains

Fabric curtains can adjust the atmosphere of the whole family and match the home decoration style! Soft decoration is becoming more and more important and important fabric curtains are also getting more and more attention. Now citizens’ demand for curtain fabric is no longer just shading, but more about decorative functions. They also have their own ideas when purchasing and installing. He uses “personalization” and “fashion” to Summarize the characteristics of modern fabrics. Which kind of fabric curtains do you prefer?

Many people only need to be optimistic about one style of fabric, all the curtains, door curtains, Balcony curtains, etc. are all used to be considered finished. Now, people will choose different styles of fabrics in different spaces, and pay more attention to the function of decoration and adjusting the family atmosphere.

And the selection of fabrics should not only consider the matching with the home decoration style, but also suit the owner’s age and personality. You should choose curtain fabrics with old-fashioned colors and stable styles. Older people are not suitable to choose fabrics with too light colors, too lively patterns, and too trendy and advanced styles. This can be regarded as choosing the fabric curtains that suit you!

The decoration of the bedroom is usually relatively simple, and the fabric curtains can often be used in the bedroom. More prominently play its decoration or “cover up” function.

If the room is not bright enough, use calico with loose cloth texture and geometric patterns as curtains. It is best to pay attention to the pattern on the curtains as consistent as possible with the wall decoration, so that people can feel the color of the curtain. The field of view is wider.

If the room looks too short. Just decorate walls and windows with vertical stripes and patterns in contrasting colours. If it is too narrow, you can use horizontal stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and curtains. Using the contrast and contrast of materials, lay soft carpets and so on on the ground covered with wooden boards and linen carpets.

In general, to choose fabric curtains, you must first establish a unified effect according to the decoration tone and style of the room. Then according to the specific use of each room to determine the best match for the curtain fabric. According to the different functions of the room, choose curtains with different colors and patterns.

The room of the elderly should be decorated with dark tones and elegant patterns to create a deep and stable atmosphere. Bright, relaxed colors are suitable for children’s rooms to create a lively and relaxed atmosphere. The study room is suitable for simple and elegant patterns to create a cultural and personalized atmosphere. Bathrooms and kitchens should choose fabrics that are resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

Families with conditions can change curtains with different styles and patterns according to the seasons. In summer, fabric curtains in emerald green, water blue and other tones look refreshing and cool. In winter, when the weather is colder, you can replace them with warm-toned curtains. If you can’t replace it, choose a more comprehensive fabric curtain!

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