Curtains Sheer Curtains Inside or Outside Types of Curtains

There is a lot of knowledge involved in decoration. If we want to install a type, then the selected things must match it. In this way, the whole home will be special Atmospheric, so when buying curtains, you must know whether the curtains are inside or outside. This must be installed in place. In addition to knowing this, you also need to look at the types of curtains. You must know these.

Curtains and sheers are inside or outside

Curtains are sheer curtains On the outer layer, that is, the sheer curtain is on the side near the window, and then the blackout curtain. The sheer curtains are on the outside, because sheer curtains can protect the blackout curtains, floors and sofas from being damaged by the sun. The blackout curtains are usually only opened at night to protect the indoor light and human environment, and prevent people from peeping outside.

The curtain is divided into two layers, the outer layer is made of light-transmitting window screen, and the inner layer is made of semi-transparent or opaque fabric. In this way, in the early morning and evening, only the outer window screen is used to make the whole bedroom look soft and comfortable, and the blackout curtains are lowered during sleep, so that people can get a full rest in a quiet environment.

Types of Curtains

Type 1: Traditional Cloth Curtains


Advantages: good shielding and shading, high durability

Traditional fabric curtains include cotton, polyester, flannelette, gauze and other materials, fabric curtains are more soft and warm, commonly used In the living room and bedroom where privacy is required, it is also necessary to evaluate whether the lighting of the space is sufficient. In the living room, it is often used as a floor-standing type, which can completely block the light source and achieve the effect of protecting privacy.

Type 2: Roller Blind

Advantages: Easy to operate and multifunctional

The fabric of the roller blind is mainly waterproof polymer material, which integrates safety , so, sound insulation and other functions in one, the price is relatively close to the people, and it is easy to clean and organize, and can be light-transmitting and stain-resistant. It is often used in public places, such as office buildings, schools, banks, etc. It is also commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms in home decoration. Such as the space with high humidity and need to be resistant to dirt.

Type Three: Roman Blinds

Advantages: Adjustable light source, easy to retract

Roman blinds belong to the roller blind type cloth curtains, compared with the decorative effect Roman blinds can be said to be the most ambience-creating curtains. Roman blinds can be divided into folding, fan and wave types, which can create an elegant and simple beauty. It can control the extent of the light source into the room at will, and it can have a high impact on the space vision with a large area of multi-color and patterned fabrics, making Roman blinds one of the most popular types.

The article is mainly based on the question of whether the curtain is inside or outside, and I will give you some introductions, telling you that the curtain is the sheer curtain on the outer layer and the sheer curtain is close to the window side, then, we After you buy it, you can install it according to the introduction. In addition, in the article, you know the types of curtains. We can choose roller blinds or traditional fabric curtains.

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