Curtains can also break the fortune? pay attention! many people ignore

Curtains can protect the privacy of the home, block external interference and beautify the home. But do you know the Feng Shui taboos about curtains?

1. The curtains of the dining room are mainly dark colors

The kitchen and restaurant are in charge of the food and wealth of the family, and they are in charge of wealth, so they need to be hidden, because “Wealth is not exposed”, so it is better to choose dark colors and dark tones for curtains as much as possible, so as to gather wealth and keep wealth.

Second, the color of the bedroom curtains is selected according to the numerology

Combined Numerology likes and taboos Choose the color of the curtains to have more targeted results. If the owner likes wood, you can choose green curtains; if the owner likes fire, you can choose the red series of curtains; Curtains; the owner’s numerology likes water, so he uses blue curtains.

A special reminder, some newly married couples think that pink curtains in the bedroom are very romantic, but they don’t know that pink may provoke peach blossoms, which is easy to cause a third party, thus affecting the relationship between husband and wife.

Third, the living room should use bright color curtains

The living room is the center of family activities and the most important place to gather wind and energy in the home. Therefore, the curtains in the living room should be bright tones as much as possible, which is good for the light to illuminate, and the family members have a bright future in their studies and careers.

If the windows of the living room are facing south, the sun will shine too much in summer, which may cause “light evil”. , Play a good shading effect, especially the effect of regulating the draft is more obvious.

Fourth, it is not advisable to use unlucky patterns

Young people with personality will choose some trendy and alternative patterns, such as common skeletons, dolls with weird shapes, and some ferocious animals, etc., which imply bad luck in Feng Shui. Therefore, try to avoid these ominous patterns, especially in the rooms of the elderly and children, so as not to have an adverse effect on the owner.

Five, the thickness of the curtain fabric

The fabric of the bedroom curtain should not be too thick. Curtains that are too thick will feel heavy, which will cause life pressure for the occupants, and will also affect the health of the entire family members. In addition, if thick curtains are decorated in the bedroom, the occupants will often feel sleepy.

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