Curtain rod bracket size? Curtain rod selection skills?

Curtain rods are an indispensable material for every family. When choosing curtain rods, everyone will choose some good quality and durable materials, so that the service life will be longer , So, what are the tips for choosing curtain rods? What is the size of the bracket for the curtain rod? So, let’s take a look together.

1. Curtain rod bracket size

Curtain The diameter of the rod holder is 25mm/26mm/28mm/32mm/35mm/, the larger the diameter, the thicker the rod.   At present, there are many rods with a diameter of 28mm on the market, and this is what most families choose. If you make perforated curtains, you need to use a special large ring for the rod above 32mm. Additional expenses will be incurred.   The diameter of the wrought iron pole should be small, so it feels slim visually.

Second, curtain rod selection skills

Curtain rod selection skills one, curtain rods are also about style

Currently, The materials of curtain rods on the market are mainly metal and wood. Of course, the styles are different. The wrought iron pole head is matched with gauze or silk curtains, used in the bedroom, with a strong contrast between rigidity and softness. The wooden curtain rod gives people a warm and full feeling, and it is not limited by the scope of use and matching style.

In today’s decoration style design, simple line design is the design theme of modernism and the mainstream of contemporary home decoration. If you want to create a modern window view, then the metal curtain rod is a better choice for consumers.

Curtain rod selection skills two, style and color coordination

When purchasing curtain rods, it is necessary to choose different colors according to the main color matching of home decoration and curtain fabrics. Curtain rods of different colors should be coordinated with the overall home style, so that the overall color aesthetic of the living room space is coordinated.

Most people are willing to observe others from the details, and the decoration of their homes is the same. The choice of curtain rods can reflect the taste of the room owner from one side; in addition to the basic needs of convenience, beauty, durability, etc.; you can also choose special elbows and functional brackets according to the shape of the edge of the window to meet the requirements of the room. The needs of different customers.

Curtain rod selection skills three, durable products

When purchasing home decoration, you should choose products with strong materials and durable materials. In order to cut corners, the general manufacturers often play tricks on the materials used. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the load-bearing capacity of the pole, and the more accidents will occur during use in the future. Of course, only pure stainless steel products on the market are really the best among many materials, but they are expensive.

Curtain rod selection skills four, don’t ignore hardware and craftsmanship

When purchasing curtain rods, details cannot be ignored. For example, there are inevitably screws on the curtain rod, which will affect the overall appearance of the curtain; whether the surface has been brushed, whether the color of the spray is uniform, and so on.

I will introduce you all the knowledge about the size of the curtain rod bracket and the selection skills of the curtain rod. There are many sizes of the curtain rod bracket. You have to choose according to your own curtains. As for the curtain rod purchase Method, after reading this article, you should know how to choose window railings.

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