Curtain punching size table What is the basic function of curtains

During the decoration of curtains, you need to know the size of various punching holes, because the materials chosen by each person and the situation of the home space are not the same, so the size will be a little different . The following introduction is the curtain punching size table and the basic functions of the curtains. If you can choose the appropriate size of curtains according to the home environment, the effect should be more guaranteed, and you can reduce various problems in use.

Curtain punching size table

The width is 3.52m, each end One, each of which reaches the circle is 9 centimeters, and then deducts 18 centimeters from the total length, leaving 3.34 meters, multiplied by one meter and six circles, equals 20 circles. You must divide by an odd number to get an even number, the space of 3.34*19=0.1758, and then measure and draw 17.58 centimeters from any nine centimeters at one end, the more accurate the better.

What are the basic functions of curtains

1. Privacy protection


For a family, no one likes their every move in the eyes of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas have different standards for privacy concerns. The public activity area of family members such as the living room has lower requirements for privacy. Most of the family living rooms open the curtains and are in a state of decoration in most cases. As for the bedroom, the restroom, etc., people not only can’t see it, but they can’t even see the shadow. This has caused the problem of different choices of curtains in different areas. We may choose a fabric that is translucent in the living room, while the bedroom uses a thicker fabric.

2. Decorative function

Decorative wall curtains are wall decorations for many ordinary families. Especially for some simple-decorated families with “four whites on the ground”, except for a few picture frames, the curtains may be the only things on the wall. Therefore, whether the choice of curtains is beautiful or not may often play a decisive role. Similarly, for a hardcover home, appropriate curtains will make the home more beautiful and more individual.

3. Using light

In fact, the principle of protecting privacy is to deal with it from the aspect of blocking light. The use of light mentioned here refers to the problem of effectively using light while protecting privacy. For example, in a living room on the first floor, everyone doesn’t like people walking around to see every move in the room. But pulling thick curtains for a long time affects natural lighting. Therefore, light and thin curtains similar to gauze curtains came into being.

4. Sound absorption and noise reduction

We know that in the transmission part of the sound, the treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the reflectivity of the window glass for the treble is also very high. Therefore, curtains with appropriate thickness can improve the reverberation effect of indoor audio. Similarly, thick curtains are also conducive to absorbing part of the noise from the outside and improving the indoor sound environment.

The above introduction is the size table of the curtain punching and the basic function of the curtain. When using the curtain, the basic function, the effect of use, the choice of size, etc. should be considered clearly. Because everyone’s home space area is different, if you choose some sizes that don’t match well, it will often affect your future use, so you should focus on these basic issues.

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