Curtain punching size chart How to choose curtains

Many workers do not know the specific situation about the size of the curtain punching hole. If the hole measurement is inaccurate during the construction process, it will affect the normal curtain installation and re-drill Holes will also affect the appearance, so everyone needs to know the size table of the curtain punching, so that it is convenient to measure the distance between the curtains. How to choose curtains? Some small details cannot be ignored when purchasing curtains. Let’s take a look.

Curtain perforation size table

The width is 3.52m, two ends One for each, each of which is 9 centimeters in the circle, and then subtract 18 centimeters from the total length, leaving 3.34 meters, multiplied by one meter and six circles, equals 20 circles. You must divide by an odd number to get an even number, the space of 3.34*19=0.1758, and then measure and draw 17.58 centimeters from any nine centimeters at one end, the more accurate the better.

1. Width: Note that the size here is not the width of the window, but the width covered by the curtain. This width is consistent with the curtain box and the Roman pole. Generally, it is based on the width of the window, and the two sides extend from 20 cm to 30 cm. It can also cover the entire wall according to preference.

Second, height: The upper and lower parts need to be reserved according to individual needs.

3. Determine the size of the curtains: To accurately estimate the amount of curtains, you must first understand the size of the curtains on the market:

1. The width of the curtain: generally 2.8&mdash ; 2.9 meters. It is commonly known in the market as “set the height and buy the width”, the height is determined, and the amount can be calculated by calculating the width of the curtain. It is recommended to be used in large window areas with high heights such as the living room, balcony, and bedroom.

2. Small door width: generally 1.4-1.45 meters. It is commonly known in the market as “fix the width and buy the height”. It is recommended that if you use Roman blinds or small windows and other areas, it is more cost-effective to buy a small door width. The width of the curtain has been determined, and the amount can be calculated by calculating the number and height of the curtain.

How to choose curtains

Combined with the wall color, the same color as the wall but Different colors, choose earth tone curtains for the wooden floor, which is the same color as the large area of soft decoration. First of all, look at the color of the wall. The curtains and walls should have a sense of hierarchy. You can’t choose the same color. If the wall color is light, choose a dark color of the same color. If the wall color is dark, choose a light color of the same color. Secondly, look at the color of the floor. For wooden floors, you can choose earth tones for curtains, which are better matched. Finally, look at the color of the upholstery. If the overall color of the room is less, you can choose a contrasting color. If there are more colors combined with the color of the upholstery, such as sofas, carpets, and bedding, choose large-area curtains of the same color.

The above editor introduced the problem of the size table of the curtain punching. It is necessary to pay attention to the width and height of the curtain punching, and then determine the size of the curtain. Not the same, the little common sense in these areas must be clear. Curtain punching size table, choose the color suitable for the decoration style, and the overall effect of curtains of different materials is different, these related purchasing tips can be used to help you choose correctly.

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