Curtain punching distance table Curtain punching hole punching steps

The choice of curtains belongs to the part of home decoration in the later stage of decoration, and it will be considered at the end. Don’t underestimate the small problem of installing curtains. You need to understand the distance of the curtain punching and the installation steps of the curtains. If there is a problem with every small detail, it will affect the home decoration behind. Let’s find out what the curtain punching distance table includes, and what are the steps of curtain punching and punching, let’s find out together.

Curtain punching distance table

6 circles per meter, And the single piece must have an even number, I like this, a piece of cloth, remove the 7cm at the beginning of the left and right (why take 7cm here, you go to measure the distance between the two poles), measure the distance in the middle, for example The width of the cloth after curling is 3.4 meters, remove the 7 centimeters on both sides, which is 3.4-0.14 = 3.26 meters, according to 6 circles per meter, 3.4 meters is about 20 A circle, divide 19 by the remaining 3.26 meters in the middle, because there is already a circle position on the head, 3.26*19=0.171, that is, start from the 7cm above the head, and the 7cm is a circle The position of the circle is a circle position every 17.1 cm, and the last 17.1 cm is 8 cm away from the other end. In this way, the two ends are evenly spaced, and the middle is also very even, and it is guaranteed to be an even number.

For example, if the width after curling is 2.65, 7 cm at both ends is empty, the middle distance is 2.51, and the normal width of 3 meters is 18 circles, 2,65 Take 16 circles, 2.51/15=0.167 in the middle, that is, starting from 7 cm, every 16.7 cm is the center of a circle

Any size of fabric is fine According to this method, it will basically be very uniform and accurate. For large perforations, there is no need to consider the alignment, because it will be sorted equidistantly. When the alignment is narrow, it needs to be considered.

Curtain punching steps

1. First measure the curtain The width, and then select the hole distance (the hole distance is generally kept between 16cm and 20cm).

2. Then select the number of holes. The curtain width divided by the hole distance is equal to the number of holes. The number of holes punched must be an even number.

3. After the selection, use the telescopic ruler for the hole position to the length of the stacking line distance, take the female ruler as the base ruler, and then set the sliding ruler at the stacking line distance of 20CM and fix it


Many people don’t know how to measure the distance of the curtain twice, so they often choose the wrong position for drilling, so two more holes will affect the appearance of the entire wall. Therefore, you need to know the distance table of the curtain punching hole, so that you can choose the punching position correctly. The steps of drilling holes in curtains should be understood clearly. The first thing to measure is the width of the curtains, and the number of holes to be punched should be selected.

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