Curtain matching skills and color matching method? How to choose the curtain color?

When people are decorating their houses, they will also buy curtains at the same time, because curtains can play a very good decorative role, and can also block privacy, and can also be isolated Noise, curtain matching skills and color selection methods are what people need to know, so that the curtains can be matched more completely. At the same time, people should know more about how to choose curtain colors.

How to match curtains and colors?

1. In this way, the matching of curtains depends on the occasion and space. The decoration atmosphere of different spaces depends on these external colors for matching. Therefore, it is also skillful to know where to match what kind of curtains. If we want the curtains to look good, we also need to consider the material of the curtains themselves. If it is used in the living room, and the furniture in the living room is mostly made of fabric, solid wood or leather, we are more suitable to use fiber fabric curtains, bedroom The words are mainly based on warmth and sleep aids, and lace or gauze curtains can also be used. This makes the whole space more textured.

2. After all, there are so many curtains with different colors, styles, designs and patterns. The first is the color matching skills, the main point is to match with the indoor color, and the second is that the color of the curtains should not exceed three, otherwise it will give people a feeling of miscellaneous money, which is not conducive to the precipitation of the mood, and it is easy to make people feel uncomfortable. Irritability, the curtains in the master bedroom should not be pink, which represents good luck, it is said that it will affect the relationship between husband and wife. Color can affect mood, and this research is not groundless. Curtain collocation pays attention to color.

3. The size of the window and the cultural background and personality of the resident should also be considered in the matching of curtains. The curtains of the houses where the elderly live should be calm and elegant, while the curtains of the young people’s homes or children’s rooms can be appropriately different in color, especially for children’s rooms. Colorful and bright colors can help children form a cheerful personality. According to this method of curtain matching, then focus on your own habits and hobbies, as well as your family’s love for colors. Knowing this, I didn’t expect that there are so many details about curtain matching!

How to choose the color of the curtain?

1. The walls and furniture are yellowish, and the curtains are beige and apricot yellow. Although this kind of color selection can achieve a harmonious overall beauty, if you stay in such a color-matched room for a long time and feel dizzy psychologically, it is more reasonable to choose other colors such as light blue and green. Another example is the use of medium green curtains on the light lake-colored walls. The color is uniform, but it feels colder. If you use medium to light warm tones, there is no such problem, but the color contrast should not be too large.

2. The key is to coordinate the color matching with your psychological feeling and color preferences. The color matching that gives people a bad psychological feeling is: red and green; blue and orange; red and blue; yellow and purple . These incongruities are reflected in the color matching of curtains and floors, curtains and furniture, curtains and bedspreads. If you choose to be careless and spend money to buy it, you will be uncomfortable and annoyed.

Curtain matching skills and color matching methods, the above texts give you an introduction, and when purchasing curtains, you should echo the overall decoration style, so the effect will be more Beautiful, at the same time how to choose the color of the curtains, there are many factors that need to be considered. If it does not look colorful, it should be unified as a whole.

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