Curtain installation steps, it is not difficult to install by yourself

Introduction to curtain installation steps

1. The accuracy of the drawn line positioning is related to the success or failure of the curtain installation. First, measure the distance between the fixed holes and the size of the required installation track. Draw dimension lines carefully and install embedded parts accurately. Make sure that the marking is correct before installation, and the measuring ruler must be installed so that the elevation is consistent and the center line is accurate.

2. Next, you need to install the curtain rails. When the width of the window is greater than 120 cm, the curtain rails should be disconnected, and the bends should be staggered at the breaks. The bends should be gentle and the lap length should not be less than 20 cm. Ming curtain box generally installs the track first. Heavy curtain rails should be equipped with machine screws; dark curtain boxes should be equipped with rails. The small corners of the heavy curtain track should be densely spaced, and the specification of wood screws should not be less than 30 cm.

3. The next step is to install the curtain rod, correct and connect the fixing parts, install the rod or iron wire, and pull it on the fixing parts. Make it flat and exactly the same as the elevation of the room. To install standard curtain track (double track), the base width should generally be above 15CM, and the single track can be reduced according to appropriate circumstances. For floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains that hang over the countertop, the track should be installed out of the width of the window sill to avoid being blocked when the curtains droop and appear unsightly. Pay attention to the solid wall surface, which is required not to be hollow, otherwise the veneer is easy to burst when drilling.

4. Connect the slot and track of the fixing piece. Insert the curtain track with the pulley into the slot of the fixing piece, and then arrange the lifting clip so that the lifting clip of the fixing piece is at 90 degrees to the track, and tighten the lifting clip with screws, so that the lifting clip tightly clamps the curtain track. Through the above steps, the curtain track is basically installed! Then you can easily hang the curtains.

Choose to install the curtain rod after the new house has been opened or before the last cleaning. If you install it too early, there will be thick dust on the curtain rod, and if you install it too late, the cleaning will be in vain . At the same time, Roman rods and curtains are equipped, while curtain rails can be installed in advance. When decorating, consider what kind of rails to install.

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