Curtain Installation Method Curtain Selection Mistakes

The choice of curtains has become an ornament. Many people pay more attention to the decorative effect when choosing curtains. Many people will choose to order curtains online. In addition to knowing the size of the curtains In addition to those, we also need to know the curtain installation method so that we can better install the curtains. In this regard, we should also know the misunderstandings of curtain selection so that we can better choose suitable curtains. Now the curtain installation method and curtain selection misunderstandings are Let’s find out together.

How to install curtains

One , Curtain installation method

1. First draw a line for positioning, measure the fixed hole distance and the size of the track to be installed, and then install the curtain rail.

2. Then install the lifting clip, When installing, first rotate the clip 90 degrees to connect with the track, and then use self-tapping screws to install the hoisting clip on the top plate.

3. Finally, install the curtain rod, and correct the connection fixing parts, and put the rod Or install it with iron wire, pull it on the fixing piece, and make it flat and the same as the elevation of the room.

Second, precautions for curtain installation

1. When installing curtains , It should be noted that the curtains are equipped with many small accessories, such as drapes, gauze curtains, window rails, etc. These are important accessories for curtains, and they are indispensable.

2. Many owners will paste wallpaper before installing track, it is easy to stain the wallpaper when installing the track, and it is also difficult to repair after punching the wrong hole, so the track should be installed first and then the wallpaper. In this way, the wrong hole can be covered by the wallpaper and will not affect the appearance.

3. If the curtains installed at home are installed in the inner frame, the mosquito screen must be installed at this time. We can reserve the position for installing the mosquito screen when installing the track, which will not affect the future mosquito screen

4. It is recommended to use a solid aluminum alloy track to install the curtain track. It is durable and hard. However, the price will be relatively high. If you choose a cheap track, the curtains will often fall down and require frequent maintenance. Very troublesome. It is recommended to choose a durable and hard track.

Third, the installation method of the curtain

1. Top installation, that is, the installation of the curtain on the wall on the side of the window from the installation There are two kinds of positions.

2. Side-mounted, floor-mounted or non-floor-mounted. There are still many ways, that is, installed on the ceiling or on the top of the curtain box.


Mistakes in choosing curtains

1. The more the better: The sales staff of curtain products usually recommend double the width to consumers, mainly because when the double-pleated curtains are opened, the folds are obvious and more beautiful. Some consumers blindly pursue There are many folds, which are actually unnecessary. Some curtains are light and soft, and the amount of folds can be appropriately increased by 2.5 times or 3 times; for fabrics with the thickness of ordinary velvet, 2 times of folds is enough.

2. The number of layers depends on the function of the space: many sample curtains are double-layered, and there is a layer of gauze curtains inside the ordinary curtain fabric. The function of the gauze curtain is to be beautiful, and the second is to protect privacy. After many curtains are opened, the entire window is exposed. At this time, a thin layer of gauze curtain can protect privacy without losing light. Not all curtains require two layers. Double-layer curtains are used for bedrooms and other purely private spaces; one-layer curtains can be used for study and living room, and thin curtain cloth or thicker gauze can be used, which can not only isolate sunlight, but also maintain a translucent state with the outside world.

3. Non-essential accessories increase the overall price: Various curtain designs with complex shapes contain a large number of curtain accessories and accessories. The accessories that must be used for a curtain include tracks or curtain rods, hooks or curtain rings, and cloth tapes. Curtain accessories include window cherry, curtain ring or hanging ring, lead wire, hanging belt, tie ball, lace, etc. These accessories and accessories are all decorative. Too many accessories not only increase the overall price of curtains , It is not easy to take care of, and it is troublesome to clean.

4. Natural materials are more environmentally friendly: The environmental protection performance of curtains has also attracted consumers’ attention. The reporter learned from the curtain market that many curtain fabrics made of pure cotton or linen are more popular. Curtain fabrics made of natural materials are more environmentally friendly, but it is unavoidable that some small manufacturers use non-environmentally friendly pastes to print and dye pure cotton gray fabrics. Therefore, when buying curtains, pay attention to choosing products from large-scale manufacturers as much as possible. Large manufacturers usually have series of products, and there can be several designs and colors of samples for different patterns, and the samples will be replaced every year. If there are only a few manufacturers of products, it may be a small manufacturer, and the quality may not be guaranteed.

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