Clever use of curtains to create a new atmosphere Curtain color matching skills released

Curtains are an indispensable soft decoration in home life, so you should also consider fully when choosing curtains. The colors of the curtains are very diverse. When choosing the curtains, the matching of the color and the decoration effect should be considered. Let’s take a look at the skills of matching curtain colors.

1. Consider the decoration style

No matter what kind of soft decoration you choose, you must consider the decoration style, and the curtains are not exception. When choosing the color of curtains, you should consider the tone of your home decoration. If the overall tone of the decoration is warm, then you must choose warm tones when choosing curtains, otherwise the curtains will appear out of tune with the overall home decoration. According to psychological research, if the color matching is unbalanced, it will affect people’s physical and mental development, and harmonious color matching can make people develop in a healthy and balanced way.

2. Consider the material

Curtains of different materials are suitable for different room decoration. For example, in the living room decoration, if the furniture in the living room is mostly cloth art, then when choosing curtains, you should choose fiber fabric curtains with lighter colors. If the furniture is mostly made of leather or solid wood furniture, then the curtains can choose darker curtains. As for the curtains in the bedroom, you should consider the function of the bedroom itself, and choose light-colored gauze or lace curtains that are warm and help you sleep.

3. Color matching

Do not use more than three colors of a curtain, otherwise it will give people a sense of clutter. It makes people feel restless and easily quarrels with their family members, which is not conducive to family harmony. It is best not to choose pink for the curtains in the couple’s bedroom, as this is more likely to provoke rotten peach blossoms and lead to a broken relationship between husband and wife. Students’ room curtains can choose cool colors, which is more conducive to calm thinking.

4. Consider the occupants

The color matching of the curtains should also take into account the cultural background and personality characteristics of the occupants of the room Wait. Generally, the color of the curtains in the house where the elderly live should be calm and elegant, while the house where the young people live can choose a slightly brighter color, and the curtains in the children’s room can choose brighter and more colorful colors. This is a general criterion for choosing curtains, but it does not rule out that some people’s preferences are not the same as most people’s. The choice of final color depends on the opinion of the room owner.

5. Consider the light

When choosing curtains, you should consider the strength of the indoor light. It is best to choose multi-layer curtains with darker colors, which can effectively reduce the light entering the room and create a good sleeping atmosphere. In the living room with insufficient light, thin light-colored curtains should be considered when choosing curtains.

The above are some color matching skills that need to be considered when purchasing curtains. Owners who want to change their home to a new color in the New Year may refer to them.

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