Cleaning skills for curtains of various materials

Curtains are very decorative, and there are many kinds of curtains in different styles and materials. However, due to the large volume of the curtain, its cleaning work has become a headache for everyone. Today, let’s introduce the curtain cleaning skills of different materials!

Ordinary cloth curtains

Ordinary cloth curtains are easier to clean. They can be wiped with a cloth or directly put into the washing machine for cleaning. Note that the curtains should be aired after washing to avoid wrinkles.


Blinds are a kind of curtains used by many families. The blinds are flexible and can be adjusted The angle of light transmission can not only block the strong light directly irradiated, but also maintain the light transmission of other positions, and can freely adjust the indoor light. In terms of indoor ventilation, it is also excellent.

When cleaning the blinds, first close the windows tightly, then spray an appropriate amount of water or polish on the curtains, and then dry the curtains with a rag to keep the blinds clean and bright. The drawstrings of the blinds can be gently wiped clean with a soft brush. For dirty curtains, you can wipe with a little detergent or a little ammonia solution.

Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains are soft to the touch, have good air permeability, and clear and vivid patterns. Use a washing machine to clean, and don’t use too much force to wring it dry, which will damage the velvet of the curtain. You can prepare a medium-alkaline washing liquid first, then soak the curtains in the washing liquid, and gently press and rub with your hands. After washing, put it on the rack and let the water drip dry automatically.

Canvas and linen curtains

Canvas and linen curtains are tough and firm, and the cost is relatively low, and they can bring a difference to the home style features. When cleaning, it is not recommended to soak it in water directly. You can use a sponge to dip some warm water or a mixture of soap solution and ammonia solution to scrub. After the curtain is dry, you can put it away directly.

Bamboo curtain

Bamboo curtain has good lighting performance, is also relatively wear-resistant, and is not easy to fade. The texture of bamboo is fresh and natural, which can bring the feeling of returning to nature in the home.

Do not wipe the bamboo curtain directly with a damp cloth, as this will leave marks on the curtain. Before use, you can spray the release cleaner on the curtains, and usually use a dry cloth or a wool duster to wipe off the dust. If it is really dirty and needs to be cleaned with water, you can use a soft brush dipped in some detergent to scrub it, then rinse it with running water, wipe it and dry it, and do not expose it to the sun, otherwise it will easily change color.

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