Choosing curtains in this way will make a big difference in home decoration taste!

Curtains are an indispensable part of our decoration, but when we choose curtains, we need different spaces to choose suitable curtains, so that the whole home can be more beautiful. more comfortable. So how do we choose curtains, let’s take a look.

1, Living room 

In the living room, the main space in the house, we generally want to reflect the feeling of bright and spacious, but the problem that small-sized house owners have to face is the unchangeable lowness.

For a luxuriously decorated and grand living room, choose a gauze curtain with a sense of falling to show your extravagance and sentiment; for a children’s bedroom, choose a cartoon curtain to reflect the innocence of children and playfulness. People who like antique furniture may wish to choose a satisfactory bamboo curtain, so that your family can exude an idyllic pastoral atmosphere, and experience the elegance and refinement of the ancients.

The living room has a relatively large space, so the spacious and bright visual sense is very important. The main function of curtains is not only decoration, but also The most important point is to transform the light in the room, so you can choose some gauze or fabric with better light transmission to make curtains.

2, Bedroom

Pay attention to privacy In the bedroom, the curtains are more of a protective function, and of course they have a suitable light-proof function when sleeping. In this case, the first consideration should be the flexible shading of light.

Girls generally prefer light gauze curtains, which are very suitable for the relaxed and lazy bedroom, but a thin layer of light-shielding effect is also worse, you can add a layer of darker curtains to block light At the same time, it also has a little more rich layers.

As an important part of the bedroom, bedroom curtains can not only block light and sound for our daily life, but also reflect the owner’s decoration In addition to the personal characteristics of the style, in addition to referring to the decoration style of the home, healthy and good sleep also requires the protection of curtains. For light problems, choose curtains with good shading effect. It is recommended to choose simple cotton and linen curtains, which have a stronger shading effect.

In the choice of fabric curtain fancy pattern, it is better to prefer the lack than to abuse, that is, the pattern should not be too large or too broken, and the color should not be too bright or too bright. It is very beautiful and makes the room look very “noisy”. This is because the visual effect of the pattern on the local area and the large area is different.

3. Kitchen

Kitchen Windows can also use curtains to add ingenuity, reduce the size appropriately, and match the height of the window with an interesting ratio.

4. Other spaces

Except for spaces such as the living room and bedroom that have certain requirements for light, there is no question whether to use curtains for the windows of other spaces Answer. Just to fit the overall interior style, or to use curtains as a more decorative item, the choice of curtains can also be very flexible.

The corner space generally does not need to be decorated too complicatedly. If there are windows, it is not recommended to use large-area curtains, and the size is just enough to cover The roller blinds on the windows are very suitable.

The great thing about the large floor-to-ceiling windows is that the space has enough natural light. The key to suitable floor-to-ceiling window curtains must be the height, almost indoor In matching, the curtains in this case should hang to the ground. The whole space has a tall and elegant appearance, which can increase the sense of hierarchy.

The curtains of the bay window can still follow the method mentioned above, raise the height of the curtains, and try to drop to the size of the ground. The special structure of the bay window also requires that the curtains need to be used in groups of multiple collocations. When occupying more visual area, neutral light colors are most suitable.

I believe that you will understand the purchase of curtains that we have introduced to you above. Different spaces have different requirements for light, so it is very important to choose suitable curtains It can not only allow the space to receive suitable light, but also make the living room more beautiful.

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