Chinese style decoration living room curtains? What are the advantages of curtains?

Now many people in our country prefer Chinese decoration style. After all, it has a history of thousands of years and has certain characteristics, so when decorating this style, People must pay attention to matching Chinese decoration. Many people want to know about the curtains in the living room. In addition, they should also understand the advantages of curtains, so that he can have more understanding.

Chinese style decoration living room curtains?

First, the use of double-layer fabrics can better adjust the light to adapt to changes in temperature and seasons. For curtains with double-layer fabrics, the outer layer of fabric is generally thicker, and the inner layer is also covered with a thinner layer of satin fabric, which has a strong shading effect; in order to highlight the elegant feeling of the curtains, a layer of gauze is added. If it is softer and the light is more abundant, you can use this layer of tulle curtains alone.

Second, the choice of color for new Chinese-style curtains should be as versatile as possible. For example, in the living room space in the picture above, the color matching of the curtains in the living room is consistent with the color of the TV background wall, and the edge color of the curtains and curtains is consistent with the color tone of the TV cabinet. There are not many kinds of colors in the overall space and they echo each other, so it looks extraordinarily coordinated.

Third, we must pay attention to the choice of fabric and color, because Chinese curtains generally choose thick cotton or linen or nylon materials, or use the opposite light silk or tulle Materials and colors are mainly bright red or stable tones.

Fourth, as traditional Chinese tassel curtains, hand-painted flower plates, etc., it is particularly important to add Chinese style. The lace not only needs to be in harmony with the fabric of the curtain, but also needs to match the curtain head to lock the style of the entire curtain.

5. The general Chinese-style home decoration is mostly antique, that is, it is old-fashioned, and most of them use antique-style furniture. In the new Chinese style home decoration, the basic Chinese style is guaranteed. You can choose some creative soft accessories in an appropriate amount, and the use of color can also be bolder.

6. Expensive fabrics can make the room feel luxurious, but we don’t need to spend a lot of money to pursue gorgeousness, as long as we pay attention to matching the grade of the furnishings in the room.

What are the advantages of curtains?

One, anti-noise. Studies have shown that when the continuous noise pollution in the room reaches 30 decibels, it will interfere with people’s normal sleep. Therefore, it is very important to choose a curtain with sound-absorbing effect, and the texture is preferably flocking, cotton, and linen. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect, and the curtain with good texture can reduce the external noise by 10% to 20%.

Second, shading. For a comfortable nap during the day, choose a blackout curtain for the bedroom, in cotton or flocking. And the study, restaurant generally does not need too strong light, you can choose shutters to adjust the light.

Third, keep warm. In winter, curtains need to consider the issue of warmth retention. Flocking curtains have thick fabrics and better warmth retention. According to the research of Japanese interior designers, among the colors, dark red is warmer and suitable for winter use.

After reading the introduction to Chinese-style decoration and the problem of living room curtains, people should already understand it. When choosing, you must pay attention to matching, so that it can be more beautiful. In addition, what are the advantages of curtains? In fact, curtains have indeed brought a lot of help to people, so when choosing curtains, you should also choose different ones according to different places. It is more important to pay attention to the brand.

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