Chinese style curtains? What are the characteristics of Chinese style curtains?

Do you know how to match Chinese-style curtains? I believe that for those who are about to decorate, how to match is a very troublesome problem, but don’t worry, we will share it with you today Let me introduce the collocation of Chinese style curtains? What are the characteristics of Chinese style curtains? Let’s take a look. Believe that your home decoration life must be very beautiful.

1. Chinese style curtain collocation

1 , Decoration and collocation skills   

Expensive fabrics can make the room feel luxurious, but we don’t need to spend a lot of money to pursue gorgeousness, as long as we pay attention to matching the grade of the furnishings in the room. In addition, the texture of the fabric has an important influence on the style and atmosphere of the interior layout. For example, thin and transparent materials make people feel cool, while thick and solid materials make the room feel warm. On the other hand, seasonal factors should also be considered when choosing window decoration fabrics. In summer, curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk, which is breathable and cool; in winter, it should meet the needs of the eyes of the window. And these two curtains have taken these factors into account, and the fabrics have done a good job. As part of the interior decoration, curtains must be coordinated with other furnishings in the room, especially with large cloth items such as bedspreads, carpets, sofa covers, etc. It is best to arrange some common points in color or pattern. , so that it produces inner harmony and enhances the overall sense of cohesion in the room.    

2. Space collocation skills   

Curtains are one of the essential contents in home soft decoration. They can not only shade the sun and protect privacy Space is an important decoration to beautify the home and improve the quality of life. If a room is bright with windows, a window is vivid with curtains. Fixed height or fixed width. When you go to buy curtains, the merchant will definitely ask you: fixed height or fixed width? You only need to choose the horizontal meter according to the width of your window, this is buying width by fixed height. There are many kinds of curtain fabrics, depending on your room style and color matching, you should also consider the material, such as pure cotton, chemical fiber, cotton and linen, pure linen, brocade and so on. Drapes with small patterns are used on small walls, while bold patterns are used on large windows. Use cool colors for small rooms and warm colors for large rooms, which can be selected according to the colors of indoor wallpapers, sofas, carpets, and floors.

Second, what are the characteristics of Chinese-style curtains

1. Modern Chinese-style curtains make more use of post-modern techniques, printing and hanging on the curtains A Chinese landscape painting and other traditional calligraphy and painting to match the living room has an inherent style. For comfort, Chinese-style curtains are often made of plain colors.

2. The color still embodies the simplicity of Chinese style. The performance of Chinese-style curtains makes the whole space reveal modernity in tradition and classical in modernity.

3. This kind of design makes Chinese-style curtains show everyone’s style with a rhythm controlled by an oriental aesthetic concept. The artistic conception created.

  4. It can be said that no matter how strong the west wind blows, the soothing artistic conception is always the unique feeling of the oriental people, so curtains are often a good means to achieve this poetic feeling. In this way, in a room full of Chinese style, the story of Ren Millennium flows through the fingers.

  5. The construction of the home is not a simple accumulation of materials, but an inductive expression of people’s inner needs and desires. The owner fills the room with Chinese elements. Perhaps it is to collect the traces of the years.

  6. Maybe it is to express the belief of the other party’s culture.

  7. In our Chinese-style curtains, we can experience its unique drumming force and attract a lot of attention, through the matching of materials, lines and colors.

  8. It is easy to receive the opposite effect. In order to better meet the requirements of living, choosing appropriate Chinese furniture to embellish Chinese elements can make the room exude a quaint and fresh charm.

The above is all the knowledge about the collocation of Chinese-style curtains and the characteristics of Chinese-style curtains. I hope it can help you. I have introduced so much to you above. I believe you have read the above. I have a bottom line in my heart. But we must look at the style of decoration, this is important.

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