Chinese New Year curtains are still foolishly removed and washed? Learn these tricks and get it done in 3 minutes

The Spring Festival is less than 20 days away! The busiest thing for every household now is to start cleaning to welcome the New Year. The curtains in the house are troublesome to remove and wash, so they are usually removed and washed once at the end of the year. If they have not been washed for more than a year, they must be very dirty. Is there any good way to quickly clean them? How about cleaning the curtains? Today, I will teach you two small tricks to clean the curtains without dismantling or washing, let’s take a look!

1. Vacuum cleaner cleaning

The curtains have been used for a long time and have absorbed a lot of dust . Especially the darker curtains, which cannot be seen on the surface, coupled with poor indoor ventilation or damp walls in rainy days, are prone to mold and affect indoor air quality. At this time, if you use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust regularly, you can effectively avoid problems such as bacterial growth.

If you think it is too wasteful to clean the curtains with a large vacuum cleaner at home, you can find a small household rechargeable vacuum cleaner online. The price is about 100 yuan, and the power is generally below 500W. It is cheap, does not waste electricity, and does not occupy space.

2. No-wash fabric cleaner

Wash-free fabric cleaner is suitable for curtains or other fabrics at home, such as: tablecloths, sofas, etc. Spray where it is dirty, and then wipe the surface with a wet towel, you can see the obvious effect. If the children at home scribble on the curtains and cannot be wiped off with a towel, they can use a soft brush to brush them gently.

The price of a 500ML cleaning agent is about 30 yuan, but this cleaning agent has a slight flaw, it cannot dissolve paint substances, and it cannot be used on such textiles as silk and wool.

3. Steam vacuum cleaner

The steam vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning, wet and dry, and can clean sofas, carpets, clothes, curtains, etc. There is also a special curtain brush for cleaning curtains. First turn on the vacuum mode to suck away the dust on the curtains, and then use the steam mode to clean it again, so you don’t have to worry about tearing down the curtains! If you don’t have one at home, you can buy one for 100-200 yuan. Not only for cleaning curtains, but also for other places~

4. Baking soda

First of all, the things we need to prepare are baking soda, toilet water, and a watering can. First of all, we add baking soda powder to the watering can, and then pour some toilet water. And add water to dilute, then gently cover the bottle and shake the contents evenly. Please spray it on the stained area of the curtain, and finally we can wipe it with a scouring pad and a damp cloth.

5. Toothpaste

First of all, the things we need to prepare are toothpaste, dish soap and a watering can. The first step is to squeeze a small amount of detergent into the watering can, then add a small amount of toothpaste, add half a pot of water, stir evenly with chopsticks, cover the lid and spray directly on the stained part of the curtain. Finally, wipe it again with a damp cloth.

Pay more attention to the cleaning of curtains:

1. Directly drying curtains, The texture of the curtain fabric will be damaged, altered, and the aesthetic and feel will be hardened. When cleaning, please do not wash directly with washing powder, first put a little salt in the water, soak for 30 minutes, and then add washing liquid to wash. Nowadays, many washing powders contain a little bleach. If you wash the curtains directly with washing powder, the color will fade, which will affect the original color of the curtain fabric.

2. Some people like to clean, wash the curtains twice a year! The editor tells everyone that the curtains must not be cleaned frequently, as this will affect its original beauty, feel, texture, drape, warmth, and shading. will affect its service life. For curtains with long fluff, it is recommended to wash them once a year, and for ordinary cotton curtains, it is recommended to wash them once every 2-3 years. After cleaning, do not dry directly in the washing machine, please simply dehydrate, when it is dry without dripping, take it out and hang it up, let the curtains dry naturally, after cleaning such curtains, they still have the original texture, original color, original size.

3. When cleaning the gauze curtain, don’t dare to throw it directly into the washing machine for cleaning. Use a “special cleaning mesh bag for curtains” to pack and tie it, then put it in the washing machine for cleaning, and wash it with mild laundry detergent.

Some people may tell you that it is absolutely not advisable to wash the gauze curtain by hand. Washing by hand may even strain the lines of the sheer curtain.

4. Do not throw curtains with lace beads directly into the washing machine for cleaning. Use a “special cleaning mesh bag for curtains” to pack and tie them, then put them in the washing machine for cleaning, and use mild laundry detergent cleaning.

5. If there is a water-wave curtain head or an independent curtain head, do not dare to throw it into the washing machine for cleaning directly. After the “special cleaning mesh bag for curtains” is installed and tied, put it in the washing machine for cleaning, and wash it with mild laundry detergent.

6. Do not throw the perforated curtains directly into the washing machine for cleaning. Use a rope to sort all the hole rings and tie them tightly. Use a “special cleaning mesh bag for curtains” After tying it up, put it in the washing machine and wash it with mild laundry detergent.

7, cut velvet, velvet, Italian velvet and other plush curtains, as well as embroidered curtains, pure cotton curtains, and There are some imported curtains with high-grade complex craftsmanship and fabrics. Please do not throw them directly into your own washing machine for cleaning. Please pack them and send them to professional dry cleaners for cleaning.

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