Are there any soundproof curtains? What are the soundproof curtains?

There are many styles and brands of curtains to choose from, but if you want to choose, you still need to choose the appropriate type of curtains according to the actual situation and needs. There are heat-insulating and sun-shading curtains. I heard that there are also sound-proof curtains. Are there any sound-proof curtains? Some of the content in this article still has a good reference value for the purchase of curtains, let’s take a look at the relevant content.

Are there any sound-proof curtains?

Sound-proof curtains have been sold in the market The effect is not good. In fact, you only know about the curtains but not the fabric. The sound insulation effect of the fabric is to isolate the echo. People who have watched movies know that there are holes on the walls of the cinema to eliminate noise. In fact, the fabric can also be like this It is only produced in small pieces, and it is not suitable for large-scale weaving. It is estimated that an arrow shaft machine is required to make 4 layers of fabrics. It is still a bit difficult.

What are the soundproof curtains?

1. Flocking curtains

Perhaps you don’t know much about curtains made of this material. In fact, it refers to the short fibers with a length between 0.03cm and 0.5cm, which are vertically fixed on the substrate with adhesive. The short fibers on the base material are softer and smoother than the fiber curtains, so the flocking curtains can absorb a little more noise and have a better sound absorption effect. Flocking curtains are made of environmentally friendly materials, which do not contain formaldehyde, are soft to the touch, safe and effective, and are currently a very popular soundproof curtain material on the market.

2. Canvas curtain

This kind of curtain has a thicker texture, so it also has good sound insulation, but compared with other kinds of curtains, its sound insulation will be worse. It can meet the general noise environment, and the sound insulation curtain of canvas can alleviate the noise to a certain extent. If you are in a noisy place, we do not recommend using canvas curtains.

3. Chenille curtain

The main advantage of this kind of curtain is that it feels thicker, soft and comfortable to the touch, looks noble and generous, the suede is plump, and the drape feels good . Chenille curtains are made with unique embroidery, printing and dyeing techniques and embellishments, so that it has an excellent home environment. Although the sound insulation effect of chenille curtains is slightly worse than that of flocked soundproof curtain fabrics, it is better than canvas soundproof curtains. At the same time, chenille curtains are prone to deformation and shrinkage, and the price will be higher.

4. Fiber material

Compared with the curtains of the previous materials, its sound insulation effect will be worse. Although it is relatively thick and can play a good shading effect, because the fiber curtain itself has many pores and the surface is not smooth enough, it can neither effectively absorb noise nor reflect sound waves back.

Are there any sound-proof curtains? Sound-proof curtains have always been the better type of curtains sold in the market. You must know that choosing branded curtains is guaranteed. What are the soundproof curtains? For example, the curtains of different materials introduced above are good choices. When purchasing, you can refer to relevant content and choose suitable curtains.

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