Are the curtains better track rods or Roman rods? After looking at the neighbor’s house, I found out that I was wrong!

When renovating in the past, everyone would agree that hard decoration is the kingly way. On the contrary, it seems that the hard decoration is no longer valued, but the soft decoration has become the object of heated discussions. After all, the soft decoration is good, and it can add a lot of points to your love! And in the soft decoration, the most artistic beauty is of course the curtains, but when installing the curtains, many people will be entangled in the choice of Roman poles and track poles. Within a month, I realized that I had installed it wrong. Not only did I spend a lot of money, but I still couldn’t get the effect I wanted. If I knew it, I would have chosen the Roman pole.

1. Roman pole

The Roman pole is designed because it resembles Roman architecture Civilization is generally a cylindrical bar with a diameter of about four centimeters, and there are gourd-shaped decorative shapes at both ends of the bar. Its materials mainly include wood and metal, and metal Roman poles are often hollow, light and easy to carry. Because the Roman pole is long, merchants often cut it off from it, and the intermediary designed a special connecting joint for easy transportation!


1. Beautiful appearance. Roman poles are generally bright poles. , then, when choosing curtains, it should be decorated with the style of Roman poles!

2. Easy to install, the installation of the detachable Roman pole is very simple, as long as the position is planned on the wall in advance, holes are drilled at both ends of the level, and then the Roman pole is fixed.

3. Easy to clean. The roman pole itself is a crossbar, and cleaning only needs to be wiped with a cloth.


1. Load bearing is limited. A Roman rod is a horizontal rod. When installing curtains, you must hang all the weight of the curtain on the Roman rod. This province is a kind of load. If the curtain is made of a heavy material such as velvet, the rod body may be bent!

2. The length is limited. The length of the Roman pole is generally customized according to the customer’s own situation, and the price is calculated by the meter, but the length of the Roman pole does not exceed 3.5 meters.

3. Pulling and astringent. The Roman rod is mainly connected to the curtain by the hanging ring. There is a large frictional obstacle between the hanging ring and the rod body, and the curtain is easy to be sluggish when pulled.

4. The price is high. Roman poles are calculated by the meter. Generally, the price per meter is determined according to the material of the shaft.

Second, the track rod

The track rod is also the slide rail, the main Divided into light track and dark track. Concealed rail is a kind of concealed rod, which is usually hidden in the curtain box and is the main form of slide rail rod. The main materials are wood, aluminum alloy, steel, iron, plastic steel and so on. The bright rail is a general term for Roman rails and decorative rails. The main materials are aluminum alloy, solid wood, and steel pipes.


1. The price is cheap. Compared with Roman rods, the price of slide rails is much cheaper. The price of Roman rods is generally 20-100 yuan/meter, while the price of slide rails is also calculated by meter, generally 6-50 yuan/meter. Economic ability to choose!

2. The shape is changeable. Good-quality slide rail rods have a certain degree of flexibility, and can adapt to some special-shaped windows, such as apartment windows and corner windows, which can be bent to install slide rail rods.

3. The curtains are smooth and comfortable to pull. The advantage of the slide rail rod is that the track is smooth, and the curtains can be pulled smoothly and easily.


1. It is inconvenient to disassemble and troublesome to clean. If you want to clean the rail rods thoroughly, you need to clean the pulleys one by one. The same is true for cleaning the curtains. You need to untie the curtains from the rails one by one before cleaning!

2. Affect the appearance. The track rod is directly exposed to the outside of the curtain slide rail, which not only easily accumulates dust, but also affects the aesthetics of the interior decoration!

Third, is it better to use track rods or Roman rods for curtains?

1. From the perspective of the curtain itself

The Roman rod is a long rod as a whole, and the two ends are blocked with gourd-shaped heads , some small rings (fixed curtain cloth) can be put on in the middle, which looks more retro, and it belongs to the bright pole. The track rod belongs to the dark rod, and the slide rail is used to hang the curtain cloth, and the hook generally needs to be placed in the track.

2. From the point of view of installation

The installation of the Roman pole is relatively simple. You only need to wear the small ring in advance and fix the two ends. , basically there is no saying that there is an installation error, and it is more convenient to disassemble at ordinary times. The installation of the track rod is relatively troublesome. Generally, the curtain box needs to be prepared in advance, and then the track and clips are installed inside to complete the installation of the curtain cloth.

3. From a practical point of view

Roman rods are not as smooth as rail rods when pulled out. Generally, a support point is needed in the middle, otherwise the load will be too heavy It is easy to deform.

4. From the appearance point of view

The shape of the Roman pole is changeable, and it is generally installed on the wall. More, deeply loved by modern people. The track of the track rod is generally easy to be exposed and needs to be covered by a curtain box, which is also a major disadvantage.

To sum up: Xiaobian believes that the Roman pole is more in line with the requirements of modern decoration, easy to disassemble, beautiful and generous, as long as it is done well The fulcrum is handled, and it is not easy to load and deform. However, some bay window designs require the use of track rods. Generally, if the ceiling is not used, Roman rods are used; if the floor height of the house is relatively low, Roman rods are used.

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