Are sunscreen and heat insulation curtains effective?

Too much sunshine in summer tends to make the temperature in the home too high. This phenomenon makes many friends hate summer and have to turn on the air conditioner to lower the indoor temperature. There are also many people who choose to install sunscreen and heat insulation curtains at home, so that they don’t have to worry about strong sunlight entering the room. Many people also question whether sunscreen and heat insulation curtains are really effective. Today I will introduce sunscreen and heat insulation curtains to you.

Sunscreen and heat insulation curtains usually have three layers: the inner layer is crystal gauze, the middle layer is generally glass gauze curtain, and the outside is ordinary curtain fabric. Among them, the shading property of violet color is better.

Choosing curtains made of heat-insulating and sun-proof materials is to support a parasol for the living room. It can easily block heat and ultraviolet rays out of the window, allowing those who work overtime at night or take a nap during the day to create a comfortable rest time without being disturbed by ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the simple appearance design creates a fashionable urban minimalist style; while blocking ultraviolet rays, it has transparent light and does not affect the brightness of the room; window screens, roller blinds, and Roman blinds have a wealth of options for heat insulation curtains. Don’t worry about the single shape of the thermal insulation curtain.

Effect of thermal insulation curtains

 In summer, when thermal insulation curtains are used, most of the heat radiated from sunlight to the room is reflected back, and the sun protection index can reach 60.8%. The indoor temperature is 6 to 12 degrees lower than without curtains, and 4 to 6 degrees lower than with ordinary curtains.

In winter, when using thermal insulation curtains, most of the heat radiated from the human body and objects in the room to the curtains will be reflected back by the curtains, which effectively prevents the dissipation of heat and improves the room temperature.

So how can we choose good-quality heat-insulating sunscreen curtains? First of all, we need to look at the material of the curtains. Good-quality heat-insulating curtains are generally made of environmentally friendly materials, which are not harmful to the human body. You can pick up the fabric by facing the sun. There is a tester for testing the intensity of ultraviolet rays on the market. You can test the effect through the fabric; secondly, smell the fabric. If it has a pungent smell, it is definitely not an environmentally friendly material. In addition, see if the thermal insulation curtains can be washed with water. Those that can be washed with water can generally be guaranteed in terms of environmental protection.

The above is the effect of the sunscreen and heat insulation curtain introduced by the editor. It can be seen that this kind of curtain can indeed reduce the indoor temperature, but the temperature reduction is also limited. Of course, in order to effectively reduce the temperature, we should choose some curtains with better brands. I hope the above will be helpful to you.

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