Are electric curtains good? How to choose and buy electric curtains?

Curtains are an essential choice for every family. It is an important part of people’s home decoration. In the market, there are many brands and types of curtains , and as a new type of curtain, electric curtains have been sought after by many people in life, and have become a popular choice for people to decorate nowadays. Today we will introduce to you: Are electric curtains good? How to choose and buy electric curtains ?

 Are electric curtains good?

&nbsp ; 1. Big demand. The electric curtains can be opened or closed at regular intervals, and can also be opened or closed at will with one button. Double-layer curtains can be freely controlled at different time periods. Electric curtains are widely used now, hotels, conference rooms, gymnasiums, etc., especially for large residential and villa users, it is impossible to go to the window to open and close the curtains every time, and electric curtains are needed.

 2. It can be automatically switched on and off at regular intervals. Set the curtains to open or close regularly, and open the curtains around the time in the morning to let sunlight into the room. Some users have the habit of pulling the curtains as soon as they enter the house at night. After a day of work, they are tired and have to go to each room to close the curtains. If there are electric curtains, it is unnecessary. As long as the time is set, the curtains of the whole family can be slowly closed immediately after returning home, which saves the user the trouble of pulling the curtains by himself, and is also time-saving and convenient.

 3. Mute can also be voice controlled. What’s more worth mentioning is that some electric curtains also support voice control. Regarding whether the battery needs to be replaced frequently, there are currently two types of electric curtains on the market, one is directly plugged into the power supply and does not need to be replaced; the other is a motor that uses an aluminum battery and is directly driven by the motor. This electric motor drive is divided into two charging methods: using solar panels or charging once every six months.

 4. The gauze curtain and cloth curtain can be operated separately. Some families use double-layer curtains, with two layers inside and outside. Users can freely choose to open the cloth curtains or close the gauze curtains according to their preferences or weather conditions, and they can also do it at the same time.

 5. Anti-theft function. If the user is not at home for a long time, he may be worried that someone will stare at him, so the electric curtain can be opened or closed regularly every day, creating the illusion that there are people living in the house every day, in case there are illegal thoughts of criminals, if equipped with Turning on and off the lights regularly every day can better imitate the illusion that people live every day, and it can have the effect of preventing theft. For the intelligent control terminal, it can be operated by buttons or remotely controlled by a mobile phone, with multiple methods, which is more convenient and faster.

 How to choose and buy electric curtains?

 1. Choose a brand: Choose a brand-name product. In this way, quality and after-sales service will be guaranteed.

 2. Choose function: not only choose products with exquisite craftsmanship and beauty, but also pay attention to the functionality of products.

 3. Optional control: Adopt international leading control technology to ensure safe and reliable operation and longer service life.

 4. Look at the service: Choose a product brand with guaranteed product quality and after-sales service.

 In the process of home decoration, the choice of curtains is an important link, it can greatly improve the style of house decoration, and in the market, there are various types of curtains All kinds, as electric curtains that are loved by people, people will always have such entanglements in the process of purchasing: Are electric curtains good? How to buy electric curtains? I believe that after the introduction of this article, everyone will definitely Learn more about it.

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