Are Chenille Curtains Good? Curtain Selection Tips

In today’s home life, people attach great importance to the decoration of curtains, and they also like to choose various curtain products with bright colors. The selection of chenille curtains is very common, so this kind of How about the curtains? Next, I will come with the editor to understand the chenille curtains? And the tips for choosing curtains.

How about chenille curtains?

Snow Neil curtains are made of what we often call chenille, which is a new type of fancy yarn, mainly using two strands as the core thread, and then twisting and twisting to sandwich the feather yarn in the middle. into. Today’s chenille curtains on the market are classified into different quality, such as sticky nitrile material, cotton, polyester and polyester chenille. So is it good to use chenille curtains?

Chenille curtains are a very good choice. They not only have a good appearance, but also have other features, such as thick, high-grade luxury, soft hand feeling and plump suede , Good choice of drapability.

Tips for choosing curtains

1. There are many choices for curtain materials, which one is suitable for the bedroom? Relatively speaking Generally speaking, curtains made of cotton and linen are more suitable, because they are convenient to clean and easy to replace.

2. Generally speaking, the color of the bedroom will affect our sleep quality, and curtains account for most of the reasons. Choosing curtains in smooth colors can make the room look elegant and comfortable to look at. For the bedroom of the elderly, it is suitable to choose solemn and elegant colors, which are more in line with the psychological quality of the elderly; young people can choose light green and light blue colors, which are more fresh, natural and pleasant; but it is not suitable to choose colors that are too deep Yes, if you live for a long time, you may feel depressed and affect your rest.

3. When calculating the total amount, you must confirm with the merchant whether you have included all the required fabrics, accessories, tracks, etc., otherwise, after paying the deposit, you may receive some less phone.

4. Some curtains have high requirements for measurement accuracy. Customers are advised to measure after the floor, tiles, and bay window marble countertops are laid.

5. Once you know the prices of various accessories for curtains, you don’t have to listen to the shopkeeper’s wild asking prices when you go to buy these things. Shop around as much as possible to choose a store with a suitable price Start again and push the price to an appropriate range.

6. If the continuous noise in the room is 50 decibels, and there are no noise elimination facilities on the doors and windows, it will interfere with people’s normal rest. It is very important to choose curtains with sound-absorbing effect. Curtains made of flocking, cotton, and linen are relatively better in sound-absorbing effect. Under normal circumstances, the thicker the curtain, the more sound it absorbs, and the bedroom curtain with good texture can reduce the external noise by about 15%.

The above is the detailed introduction about chenille curtains? Curtain purchase tips, I hope everyone can understand chenille curtains, and choose the corresponding curtain products according to the situation of the family room.

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