Are blackout curtains toxic?

There are many types of curtains, such as blackout cloth and ordinary curtain cloth, etc. The effect and visual experience of different fabrics are different, so when choosing curtain cloth At this time, we must make a targeted choice to see if it meets the functionality. So is the blackout curtain cloth poisonous, and are the sunshade curtains good? These little common senses are a good reference for everyone to understand the sunshade curtains and other issues. Many consumers don’t know how to buy them. Let’s make a specific introduction below.

Are the blackout curtains poisonous?

Generally speaking, the blackout curtains are poisonous , Basically, it is said to contain formaldehyde. Not all blackout curtain fabrics contain formaldehyde, because some small brands or low-end product manufacturers only add a layer of double-sided silver blackout cloth to ordinary curtains in order to save costs. The use of glue and blackout coating will cause its pungent smell , and even excessive chemical substances. The main purpose of blackout curtains is to block the sun. Once the sun shines, volatile gases such as formaldehyde will come out, which is harmful to health!

When it is exposed to the sun, the smell is very strong, but fortunately, after a few weeks of drying, the smell will almost dissipate. When choosing blackout curtains for home use, try to choose curtains made of blackout chemical fibers. First smell whether the smell is pungent. Hold it in your hand and weigh the weight. The heavier the quality, the better. You can also check the knitting density and stitches The denser it is, the better the shading effect will be. And try to choose trustworthy brands and chemical fiber products, so as to prevent the selection of curtain fabrics containing formaldehyde.

How about sunshade curtains?

1. Most places are suitable for shading The requirements for curtains have not only increased, but the new type of shading and windproof roller blinds is simple and clean, natural and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and beautiful, convenient and practical, wind-resistant and shock-proof, and can be completely shaded without edge seams. Curved curtain, perfect insect repellent and easy to clean.

2. Features: There is no side rail and cover, this product is a standard roller blind form, and is widely installed at a reasonable price. It is not suitable for places that require complete shading and wind, because it does not have rails and covers. Can be used in large spaces with 200mm tubes.

3. Application fields: This product has been widely used in Shinkansen, luxury buses, various sports venues, office buildings, meeting rooms, precision equipment workshops, dust-free factories, modern homes, etc.

Is the blackout curtain fabric toxic? Blackout curtains are generally toxic and contain formaldehyde. Therefore, when choosing blackout curtains, you must choose products that are relatively safe and environmentally friendly. Only in this way can the safety of use be guaranteed. Are blackout curtains poisonous? There are still many uses, such as public places, private places, families, etc., and they also have the effect of shading.

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