Are blackout curtains dangerous? How to choose blackout curtains?

As long as blackout curtains can block light, ultraviolet radiation, etc., but there are also many people who have doubts about whether blackout curtains are harmful, so today we will talk about blackout curtains What are the hazards? How to choose blackout curtains? Let’s take a look. Hope it can help everyone.

1. Hazards of blackout curtains

1 1. Silver-coated shading cloth is a kind of coated shading cloth, and the other is flocking shading cloth. They are all made of ordinary curtain cloth through dyeing coating, so as to achieve the shading effect. In addition, there are many types of silver-coated shade cloth. When everyone is analyzing the hazards of blackout curtains, it must also depend on the specific product.

2. Generally speaking, in order to achieve the shading effect of the blackout curtains we often see, the fabrics are in two layers or two or more layers. The blackout curtain itself will have a pungent smell after being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. If the shading effect is better. Then the more layers of fabric, the more coatings.

3. Sometimes the blackout curtains purchased are of substandard quality. The prices of these blackout curtains are also generally comparative. We can also analyze from the price of blackout curtains. Generally, the price of medium-priced blackout curtains is about 500 yuan. Therefore, when purchasing, you must not lose your health for petty profits.

4. Suggestion, first of all, when purchasing, everyone must choose better quality blackout curtains. Products that do not meet the quality requirements are blackout curtains that are not environmentally friendly, so they are also harmful to human health.

5. When we are buying blackout curtains, we must also look for the brand’s blackout curtains. And also check whether these brands of blackout curtains have quality inspection reports. Then for the thickness of the blackout curtains, it is recommended to choose a moderate one.

Second, how to choose blackout curtains

1. Blackout curtains are mainly used to block light. Generally speaking, if the requirements are not high, use Thicker curtains can solve the blackout problem. Of course, if you have high requirements for shading, you can choose special shading curtains. Blackout curtains generally add a layer of black adhesive to the back of the curtain fabric to absorb ultraviolet rays and block light to achieve a shading effect.

2. Combustion identification by sensory method, combustion method, microscope method, and PH value test paper method. Cotton blackout curtains are flammable, catch fire quickly, smell like paper, and turn into thin and soft gray-black flocs after burning. The burning characteristics of linen blackout curtains are similar to those of cotton, with a smell of paper burning, and they are thin and soft gray-white flocs after burning. The wool blackout curtain burns slowly after being caught on fire, and has the smell of burning hair. After burning, it looks like black coke and is brittle. Polyester blackout curtains are easy to melt when burned, and can continue to burn after leaving the fire with thick smoke, but the molten matter will not fall down, has a fragrant smell, and is hard, black, and round after burning. The acrylic blackout curtain melts and burns, has a pungent smell, and burns as a small black hard ball. Nylon blackout curtains melted when the flame approached, and then self-extinguished, smelled like celery, and turned into light yellow-brown lumps after burning.

The above is all the knowledge about the hazards of blackout curtains and how to choose blackout curtains introduced to you today. If blackout curtains are purchased products, they will not bring harm to your body Yes, so when you buy, you must go to a regular manufacturer to choose.

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