Almost no one installs such curtains at home, which violates the taboo of Feng Shui, and the homeowner will hardly be rich in his life!

In the process of decorating the house, we should not only pay attention to placing items, but also pay attention to problems. Once some items that affect fortune appear in the house, people’s fortune will be affected, and even wealth will be affected. Among them, curtains are also one of the home decorations that affect family wealth. If the curtains are not suitable, it will affect the fate of the whole family members. Here, we introduce some knowledge about curtains. If you have such curtains at home, replace them quickly!

1. Pink curtains

In order to create a romantic atmosphere Families will choose pink curtains. In fact, the master suggests that the master bedroom should use less pink or pink curtains. In fact, pink is the most likely to provoke peach blossoms, and it is easy to cause a third party, thus affecting the relationship between husband and wife.

2, heavy curtains

Windows are one of the main channels for families to make money. If heavy curtains are used, it will block the entry of wealth, and it will be even more difficult to get promoted and make a fortune. If there is too much sunlight outside, double-layer curtains can be used instead of heavy curtains. Double-layer curtains are not only light-transmitting but also practical, and the point is that they are also very convenient to clean.

3. Pattern selection

For the curtain pattern at home, we usually It is chosen according to personal preference. From an online point of view, candidates and children’s bedrooms should use vertical stripes that can regulate tension. But for business people who have already come out to work in the society, they should use vertical curtains with caution. Horizontal stripes are easy to affect emotions and cause restlessness, and twill patterns are not good for health, so both should be carefully considered.

4. Black curtains

We don’t choose black curtains for bedroom curtains , because black curtains are unlucky. Black curtains can make us feel depressed and make people feel depressed. Black also casts a black veil on our luck.

5. It is not advisable to use unlucky patterns

Young people with personality People will choose some trendy and alternative patterns, such as common skeletons, dolls with weird shapes, and some ferocious animals, etc., which means unlucky in the world. Therefore, try to avoid these ominous patterns, especially in the rooms of the elderly and children, so as not to have an adverse effect on the owner.

6. The material of the curtain

The choice of the material of the curtain is also particular, and different materials can resolve different evil spirits. The common ones on the market are cloth and plastic shutters. Speaking from above, the blinds can block the wood evil spirit in the southeast, and the wave curtain can block the fire evil spirit in the south. This is just for reference, and you should choose according to your own numerology.

Chinese people have always attached great importance to traditional culture, and problems are everywhere, affecting our daily life forever, so we not only Pay attention to the decoration of the hard decoration, and don’t ignore the problem of soft decoration. The above is the relevant knowledge about curtains, everyone must pay attention when installing curtains in the future.

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