Advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains

With the development of science and technology, even the curtains are electric. Installing electric curtains will allow you to enjoy The convenience brought by high-tech technology can also reflect the higher grade of home furnishing. Then, the following compilation will take you to understand how electric curtains are and some relevant information about the purchase of electric curtains!

How about electric curtains?

Electric curtains refer to the curtains that are opened or closed by remote control through the main controller. The difference from traditional curtains is the circular sliding line It is no longer tied to the hanging ring as a whole, but connected by a belt. The specific structure is the belt drive, which runs in the closed curtain rod inner cavity, and the belt pulls the curtain and then pulls the hanging ring. This new type of electric curtain belt is not exposed, will not be dusty and Winding, compatible with electric hand pull.

Features of electric curtains

1. Safety: driving equipment for electric curtains Equipped with reliable safety protection devices, users can use it with confidence.

2. Compatibility: The electric curtain system is equipped with manual, intelligent wire control buttons, and remote controls. When the curtain is fully opened or closed, the driver It can stop working in time. When a power failure occurs, the electric curtain system can be opened and closed manually.

3. Applicability: electric curtains have different opening and closing speeds , Different speeds can be selected for different occasions.

4. Intelligent: The timing controller of the electric curtain system can be set to automatically open and close multiple times within 24 days in advance. If you go out, the system will Automatically open and close the electric curtains at the same time every day according to your habits to ensure safety.

Optional electric curtains

Regarding the purchase of electric curtains, it is also necessary to pay attention to knowledge, especially the selection of the function of the system and its control mode is very important. Faced with a variety of electric curtains on the market, how to choose? Let’s come together Take a look.

Choose a brand: choose a product with a well-known brand, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed;

2. Choose a function: not only choose a product with exquisite craftsmanship, More attention should be paid to the functionality of the product;

3. Selection control: use Improve the safety and reliability of the predecessor’s control technology. Ensure the stability and service life of the system;

4. Look at the service: choose the product A system product brand with guaranteed quality and after-sales service.

Finally, Electric curtain is a new type of high-tech product, which is more convenient and faster than ordinary curtains. In terms of purchase, it is also more complicated than ordinary curtains.


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