5 key points for choosing curtains according to the decoration style, matters needing attention in choosing curtains

Curtains are decorative items in the living room. At the same time, they are also a guarantee in our living room, making our living room privacy, but not all curtains are suitable for our family. To use, we must make choices based on different room styles. Here are the 5 main points of choosing curtains according to the decoration style, as well as the precautions for choosing curtains.

Choose curtain 5 according to the decoration style Major points

1. Material is a major point of curtain selection: For room decoration, usually the curtains in the living room, bedroom and study are all made of the same material Yes, but if you don’t want to choose between heavy and light materials, then you can choose double-layer curtains. The inner layer of these curtains is a light material, such as nylon silk, mesh cloth or tulle, and the outer layer It can be made of heavy materials, such as corduroy, gold velvet or woolen, so that the curtains can be easily replaced according to weather or weather changes.    

2. The choice of design and color is also important: for the choice of design and color, it is better to choose bright colors for the curtains in the living room and study room, because such colors will make people feel refreshed, and bright curtains are easy to decorate. Create a bright feeling, which is conducive to conversation or work and study. For the bedroom, it is better to choose warm-toned curtains. Such colors can give people a sense of warmth and are conducive to rest and sleep.    

3. Quality is also a key point: after selecting the material and color, the next step is to look at the quality of the curtains. The characteristics of the fabric, so that when purchasing, you can check whether the actual fabric meets the characteristics you want. If the quality meets the requirements, then you can rest assured to buy. Remember that it is always better to shop around. It will not be out of date, if you are not sure, just look at a few more.    

4. Pay attention to size selection: curtains are not simply enough to cover the windows. If the length of the curtains is smaller than the width, the decorative effect will not be very good. Generally, you should choose The length of the curtain is greater than the width, so the hanging effect is better. If the window area is too large, you can hang several slender curtains on the large window, which will have a better effect than directly hanging a large and wide curtain.    

5. Style matching: For the choice of curtains, you should pay attention to the matching of colors and styles. Different curtain rods should be matched according to different curtains. The overall style should be consistent, so that you can Make the overall color of the room harmonious and consistent. The current home decoration is mostly in a simple style, so you can choose a curtain rod with a simple shape and a popular color, and the effect will be better.

Precautions for purchasing curtains

1.  Buying curtains is not as simple as just buying a piece of cloth, but also involves accessories such as cloth belts that must be configured , lace, guide rails, hooks, pulleys, pendants, and other large and small accessories. And these accessories are where buyers are more likely to be slaughtered. For a set of curtains, the cost of accessories is twice or even several times that of the main fabric.

2. In the professional market, selling cloth at a fixed length is also one of the ways for merchants to make money. At present, the fabric of each stall is 2.8 meters long, and those who can’t use 2.8 meters have to use this length to calculate. A 2.8-meter-long cloth is enough to reach the floor, but most buyers’ windows are not floor-to-ceiling windows, and only about 2 meters is enough, so there will be more remaining cloth. If you don’t emphasize it, the merchant will not give you the remaining materials, but will keep them to make pillowcases and sell them by yourself, so that you will spend a lot of money.

3. Color and pattern: The color is related to the floor, furniture, and wall color of the home. The simpler ones can be either unified or contrasted. Unity will have a quiet feeling of integration, and contrast will have a feeling of emotional appeal, fun, and liveliness.

Five key points for choosing curtains according to the decoration style. What are the precautions for choosing curtains? Through the above introduction, do you understand it? If you are not careful, you will buy products that are not of good quality and do not match the style of the room.

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