Silver Ladder Stabilizer Enhancing Safety for Single and Extension Ladders

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  1. Designed to Comply with OSHA Standards: The Ladder-Aide PRO is the only ladder leveler specifically designed and tested in Canada to meet OSHA standards for ladder use. It is exclusively rated for an impressive 1500lbs, ensuring top-notch safety and reliability.
  2. Stability on Stairs: The ladder stabilizer allows you to use your extension ladders on stairs, creating a stable and leveled base on stairways. This feature enhances safety and efficiency during various tasks.
  3. Versatile Tool: Suitable for Professionals and Handymen: The ladder stabilizer is designed for professionals but is also perfect for everyday handymen. Its anti-skid surface ensures stability and makes it a versatile tool for various projects.
  4. Easy to Set Up and Use: The Ladder-Aide PRO sets up within minutes and requires no installation. It can be easily moved from one stair to another without hassle or effort, providing convenience during work.
  5. Compatible with Various Stair Sizes and Ladders: The Ladder-Aide PRO is compatible with stairs between 4.921″ and 7.875″ high and between 8.268″ and 13.975″ deep. It fits single and extension ladders with a maximum base width of 22″ and a maximum foot size of 7.5″, catering to Type I, IA, and IAA ladders, both single and extension ones. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of ladder types and stair configurations.
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