Rock Screener 5 Gallon Bucket-Compatible Sand, Soil, and Compost Sifter (1/4 Inch)

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Rock Screener Designed for 5-Gallon Buckets: This soil sifter is a perfect fit for standard 5-gallon buckets, measuring 30cm in top diameter, 22cm in bottom diameter, and 6cm in height, ensuring effortless and efficient use.
Versatile and Effective: With a 6mm (1/4 inch) sieve mesh size, our sand sifter efficiently captures particles of various sizes, including soil, rocks, sawdust, worm castings, and compost, streamlining your tasks and saving you time and effort.
Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality 1mm thick galvanized iron mesh, this sifter is sturdy and long-lasting, capable of handling loads up to 50kg without deformation, making it ideal for extended outdoor use.
Secure and Practical Design: Features a secure outer frame binding design that enhances both strength and aesthetics while preventing scratches and ensuring a safe and comfortable grip during operation.
No More Bottom Concerns: Equipped with an integrated bottom screen, eliminating worries of it falling off during use. Plus, it comes with Amazon’s full refund guarantee for your satisfaction.

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