Pop Up Outlet with Automatic Recessed Power Strip – Type-A and Type-C USB Ports, and Wireless Charger Station for Kitchen and Conference Workbenches

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The Pop Up Outlet combines wireless charging convenience with a durable and professional design. The ABS PC material ensures longevity, while the 5W wireless charger is compatible with all Qi standard devices, functioning whether the unit is extended or retracted. Embrace a clutter-free and stylish workspace with the popping up feature, elevating the look of your table.

Installation is easy – cut a 4.7″ (±0.5″) hole, remove the ring, slide the body from the top, and securely screw the ring from the bottom. This versatile pop up outlet suits various settings, such as kitchen quartz/granite countertops, workshops, islands, meeting rooms, and conferences.

Featuring 4 US AC outlets, 2 USB Type-A, and 2 Type-C ports, this USB power strip power tower station caters to multiple devices, keeping your desk neat and organized. With USB port power of 2.4A, Voltage of 125V, Current of 15A, and a rated power of 1875W, it offers efficient charging for your electronics. Note that the inside of the socket is non-waterproof, so it’s essential to protect it from water spray.

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