High-Quality Zama Carburetor Carb RB-K70, RB-K75 for Echo GT-200 GT200 GT201i HC-150 HC151 SRM-210, 230 PE200 PE201 PPF210 PPF211 SRM210 SRM211 SHC210 SHC211 Trimmer Brushcutter

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When experiencing performance issues with your Zama carburetor, consider the following:

Oil circuit problem: Ensure smooth fuel supply from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Check for any blockages or obstructions in the oil circuit or tubing.
Low idle speed: In some cases, the new carburetor may not perfectly match an older machine due to the wear and aging of various parts. Adjusting the idle speed may be necessary. Use the valve screw located at the red circle arrow (clockwise adjustment of 1-2 rings).
Blocked negative pressure hole: A blocked negative pressure hole can also lead to engine stalling. During installation, inspect the negative pressure hole within the red circle to ensure it is clear.

Compatible with RB-K66 and RB-K70 carburetors, the Zama RB-70A RB-K75 is suitable for Echo SRM230, SRM-225, HC-150, HC-151, HC-160, HC-161, HC-180, HC-181, HC-200, HCR-150, HCR-151, SHC-210, and SHC-211 models. Replaces part numbers A021000382, A021000720.

This carburetor is also compatible with Echo GT200, GT201i, HC150, HC151, PE200, PE201, PPF210, PPF211, SRM210, SRM211 trimmers/brushcutters, as well as Echo Weedeater SRM210, SRM211, GT200, GT201, PE200, PE201, SRM210U, SRM210SB, SRM211U, SRM211SB, HC150, HC151, SHC210, SHC211. OEM part numbers A021000740, A021000741, and A021000742.

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