Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit – Stainless Steel Sink Top Waste Disposal On/Off Air Button, Essential Part for Food and Waste Disposals

Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit – Crafted from Real Stainless Steel for Durability and Flexibility. Two Power Module Installation Methods – Securely Fixed with Screws or Nano-Markless Hook Sticker. UL Attested Power Module Ensures Safe and Reliable Power Cord Fitment. Easy-to-Install Air Button – Drill a Hole and Tighten the Plastic Nut for a Watertight Seal. Single Outlet Power Module, 3.3ft Air Tube, 2.5ft Power Cable, and Stainless Steel Air Switch Button Included.

Etoolcity Single Outlet Air Switch Kit – The Convenient Solution for Managing Sink Garbage. Perfect Fit for Most Garbage Disposers (<2HP) and Can Function as a Connection Device for Various Appliances. Product Guarantee: Full Money Back Guarantee, 2-Year Warranty, and 24-Hour Customer Service Support.

5 Easy Steps to Install:

Drill a hole (not less than 1-1/4 in) if there is no sink hole.
Place rubber gasket between the push button and sink counter, tighten the plastic nut for a watertight seal.
Attach the air tubing securely between the push button and control unit.
Plug the control unit into a dedicated, grounded 120V AC outlet with continuous power.
Plug the disposer power cord into the control unit, test the countertop switch to ensure it turns the disposer on and off.

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