Cooler Basket 2-Pack YETI Tundra Haul Double Cooler Rack Double Storage Dry-Goods Basket YETI Wheeled Coolers

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Nest these racks in your cooler, separating dry goods from cold drinks, ice packs, and cubes. Keep your bread, sandwiches, and lunch cool, fresh, and dry. Enjoy a hassle-free trip!

This double-pack of Cooler Racks offers ultimate convenience, allowing you to store all your food for extended travel.

Experience pure bliss and joy while hosting beach parties, camping trips, expeditions, and adventures!

No more worries about soggy food dampening your good time.

These wire Cooler Racks are perfectly engineered to fit your YETI cooler. The tight wire design prevents dry food and products from falling through, getting wet, or being ruined. It promotes air circulation to keep your food fresh and cool. The polyethylene coating prevents moisture buildup, rust, scratching, and warping.

Let’s go! Get ready to travel and fully enjoy your adventures with Cooler Racks!

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