What curtains match the European style, and how to choose European curtains?

European-style decoration is a popular style in recent years. European-style decoration looks fashionable and comfortable, but for those who do not understand the decoration content Speaking of it, how to match it is a troublesome problem, especially what kind of curtains match European style, and what are the ways to choose European style curtains?

1. What curtains match the European style:

1. The design style is positioned as European luxury, and the grand and luxurious design brings out the stability and generosity. Make full use of the contrast of various materials to create a low-key and luxurious European style, and a living environment with a certain cultural heritage to create an elegant atmosphere.

2. You can adopt authentic and luxurious European style. Starting from the idea of design, the first is the division of functional space, and the structure has been slightly adjusted to make it lively and solemn. Against the background of the wooden frame and glass decoration paper with dark natural elements, it more flexibly reflects nature and home furnishing. The integration of life, partially equipped with highly decorative lighting, seeks changes in contrast.

3. Black or gray curtains can create a very strong visual effect, making the whole home appear calm and atmospheric, low-key luxury, modern, and more young people like to incorporate gray into it, which eases the white and black The visual conflict makes the home more moderate. If you like the classic and elegant European style, then you can choose golden curtains as a match.

4. The combination of blue and orange, the two colors collide to create a color, which gives the space a new life, makes the whole space more spacious, and does not look so dull. Kind of fashionable.

Second, how to choose and buy European-style curtains:

1. The luxurious European-style style emphasizes the elegance and luxury with gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite shapes. decorative effect. European-style living roomHi top with a large pool of light , and create an atmosphere with ornate chandeliers. The upper half of the doors and windows are mostly made into circular arcs, and are edged with gypsum lines with patterns. Two more luxurious Roman columns are erected at the entrance of the hall, and there are real fireplaces or fake fireplaces in the interior. Wall is best to use wallpaper, or use high-quality latex paint to express a luxurious effect.

2. The ground material is preferably stone or floor. European-style living room furniture and soft furnishings to create the overall effect. Dark oak or maple furniture, colorful fabric sofa, the protagonists of the living room are Continental. There are romantic Roman shades, exquisite paintings, sculptures well-made handicrafts are dyed indispensable element of European style.

3. Luxurious European-style decoration can use colors and details to heighten the atmosphere. Such as Roman columns, European doors. In terms of floor selection, full color, dark and elegant colors can reflect the European style to the greatest extent. Such as red sandalwood, rosewood, classical oak and other colors

The above is the introduction of what kind of curtains match the European style, and also some explanations based on the selection skills of European style curtains. I hope you can pass the above content , Be able to have a certain experience base for European style collocation.

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